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For full text article go to : https://www.educorporatebridge.com/equity-research/equity-research-career/ Learn more about Equity Research Career, its suitability and work profile. Also, get a sneek peek into Equity Research work culture, quality of work and exit opportunities.

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  • 1. How is Equity Research as a career option?Let me give you a quick overview about Equity Research career

2. Equity Research is all about financial statement analysis, economy analysis, company analysis, valuations and recommendations, investment decisions, management interactions and a lot more. 3. Lets look at the key accountabilities of Equity Research Analyst To bring maximum companies under coverage in the sector he/she track over a period of time To generate the quarterly updates To write event updates To update the sales, dealing, and trading team about the latest events in the sector/company To build views that are distinct and can stand separate in market 4. Are you a good fit for equity research If you enjoy writing, being on the phone with clients and getting to know management teams, do a lot of financial modeling and financial analysis, and getting home at a reasonable hour Equity Research might be for you. 5. 1 Studying the official materials published by the company issuing equity2 Consider the current market conditions and predict future trends3 Equity researchers are allotted a group of companies that they are expected to follow 6. 4 Findings need to be presented in a simple manner to the clients through formal presentations and report5 Stock Investment Research 7. Quality of Work Interacting with portfolio managers and hedge fund managers, the firms internal sales force and traders, and communicating the senior analysts investment thesis after company reports earnings. Develop modeling skills by constantly updating and analyzing their companies operating forecasts. 8. THANK YOU To now more about Equity Research Careers visit our website www.educorporatebridge.com