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Equity Research training course is available at Mumbai, India, by Corporate bridge academy. You can browse by learning subjects, classroom locations, or by training schools. Course formats include: classroom, online, live, e-learning, on-site.

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  • 1. Corporate Bridge Academy CBA)Corporate Bridge Academy Presents Computer Based Comprehensive Program On Equity Research (Classroom & Online) Agenda & Modules Corporate Bridge Academys (CBA) Module 1 - Mastering Excel (Classroom)Benefits Module 2 Financial StatementAnalysis (Online)Module 3 Macroeconomics (online) IITIIM Faculty from JPMorgan, CLSA India, Goldman, Sachs, Module 4 Valuations (Classroom) CRISIL etc.Module 5 Trading Comps (Classroom) Placement Assistance to the participants by CorporateModule 6 Transaction Comps (Class) Bridge Academy.Module 7 Financial Modeling Courses grounded in case studies, spread sheets, and (Generic Model Classroom) real-life examples.Module 8 - Financial Modeling(Asian Paints - Classroom) Highly effective Hands-on intuitive training approach. Module 9 Financial Modeling (ITC Online) Skilled instructors with years of directly relevant real- world Experience. Who should attend? Be trained on powerful inbuilt functions in excel that helps you to save time and work efficientlyInvestment bankersFund managersEquity analysts Get 7 books of Equity Research by the experts from IIT Equity traders and IIMEquity sales people Get access to various online mock tests, quizzes, question Credit analysts bank and presentations of all modules absolutely free of Strategists cost TreasurersExecutive Level ManagersStudents

2. Course Highlights Learn professional analysis to evaluate historical and current trends of a company. Effectively forecast trends and performance of the firm using analysts tool like horizontal analysis, vertical analysis and ratio analysis. Insights to various sophisticated fundamental valuation tools as used by buy side/sell side analyst and investment Bankers with key focus on DCF, SOP,DC Equity and EV Multiples. Learn complex financial modeling by identifying and utilizing key business drivers and integrating them into a three statement forecasting model. Learn to efficiently build revenue drivers of a few Sectors. Learningis not compulsory...neither is Survival W. Edwards Deming Module 1: Mastering Excel (Self Study)Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis CBA Team Members(Self Study) Excel Basics ( Analysts Excel Formulae And functions, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Ratio Analysis Liquidity Analysis, Common CHOOSE) Dheeraj Vaidya (IITD, IIML) Graphs and Charts (Two-axis graphs, size statements, Internal liquidity analysis, D. Balasubramaniam (AIM Band charts PE, EV/EBITDA,Operating / Risk / Growth Analysis, DuPont Manila) P/Sales,analysis - Return on equity /, Risk analysis Ratio charts. Gaurav Singh (IITD, IIMC) Pivot Table Inventory Valuations S. Premananda (IITD, IIMC) DATA Tables Depreciation Policies K. Kayideni (IITD, IIMA) Macros Leases Capitalization vs. Expensing Bharat Rathi (IIMI) Income Taxes Kavish Sarawgi (IIML) 40+ faculties from IIT-IIM (Ex- Module 3: MacroeconomicsModule 4: Valuations (Classroom) JP Morgan, Ex-CLSA, Ex- (Self Study) Discount cash flows Goldman Sach, Ex- Morgan What is Macro-economic? Terminal Value (Exit Value, perpetuity Stanley, Ex- CRISIL etc.) Wealth & Management Growth Method) Gross Domestic Product Discount Rate (cost of debit, cost of Macro-economic Management Equity, CAMP)oInflation Sensitivity Analysis (TABLE Function)oInterest Rates Equity value multiples: P/E, P/CF,oCommodities P/BV, PEG, Dividend YieldoExchange Rate Asset based valuation, Sum of parts, Impact on Equity MarketsMergers and acquisitions comparables, Replacement cost method, Qualitative factors in valuation - management quality 3. Module 5: Trading Comps (Class room) Module 7: Financial ModelingE-learn Equity Research @ your(Class room)convenience (fees Rs. 7,000 included Gathering information Choosing appropriate peer group in the classroom training)Hands-on working along with the Calculating equity value and enterprise Value(EV) InstructorGet access to various mock tests in Normalizing earnings Calculating last twelve months (LTM)Overview of Financial Modelingorder to analyze your performance. Adjusting the enterprise value (EV)Excel Best Practices Calculating fully diluted shares outstandingProjects will be assigned to all the(options & convertibles)Modeling Warm Up Equity value multiples: P/E, P/CF, P/BV, PEG, users, which need to be completed inDividend YieldKey Financial Statementsstipulated time. Calculating various multiplesWorking Capital ScheduleDownload your performance reports Module 6: Transaction Comps (Class room)Depreciation scheduleboth in excel and PDF format. Gathering information Amortization Schedule Choosing appropriate dealsGet 7 books of Equity Research fromLong term Items (Others) Schedule Discuss strategic rationale IIT and IIM Regulatory roadblocks/challengesBuilding Income StatementAccess to online forums to participate Control premiums, synergies Shareholders Equity Schedule Calculating equity value and enterprise in the discussion of the particularShares outstanding ScheduleValue(EV)module. Normalizing earningsPreparing for Debt & InterestCalculating last twelve months (LTM)High quality videos with step by stepTrouble Shooting Checking and interpreting results explanation of the topics.Completing the financial Model. Other Valuation ApproachesFor Students who want to prepare on Asset based valuation, Sum of parts,Replacement cost method, Qualitative factorsModule 8: Financial Modeling Asiantheir own, we provide a completein valuation - management Paints - Quick Model (Class room) study package, which includesModule 9: Financial Modeling ITC - In- (The objective is to make a real quickpresentations (for all subjects),model when we require a quick analysis of depth Analysis (Self Study)Question Banks (2500 + Online Topica company) (The objective is to do an in-depth analysis ofwise Questions) annual reports, dissecting various segments andAnnual Report Analysis - analysts coming up with most up-to date and correctdissection of the availableMock tests on individual chapters analysis of the company.) informationFees Rs 7,000 (Including Taxes) (which Annual Report Analysis - analysts dissectionof the available informationQuick method to forecast revenuesis included in the classroom training) and cost drivers Professional revenue segment Projections(FMCG, Cigarette, Hotel, Agriculture) Balan