Engagement and social media

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  • 1. Engaging customers in a social world Stephen Danelutti 1
  • 2. Would your friends recommend yourproduct/service to their friends? How well are you facilitating recommendations? Friends recommendations more effective than Ads
  • 3. Registration: No long registrationprocess Ask minimal data duringthe process No software installation ifpossibleNo jumping aroundUsing product/servicefirst time: Dont expose all thefeatures BuyGuide user through onenarrow path 0 to WOW in a minute Listen How do you satisfy the demand for instant gratification? 3
  • 4. Provide at least one end to end experience that is 10 Xbetter than the existing solutions How are you competing in the age of experience? 4
  • 5. Using gamification to engage
  • 6. Using analytics to engage
  • 7. Using crowdsourcing to engage Use technology to listen, understand, quickly respond to preferencesIntegrate marketing withdesign/manufacturing -involve customers early indevelopment Customer becomes co-producer and loyal
  • 8. Other engaging tactics Capturing business activities Participate in pooling Allow to comment and vote
  • 9. Thank you twitter.com/stephenwrks socialwrks.com/about/newsletter socialwrks.com/blog www.socialwrks.com 9