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success story #1: using innovation to scale up clean energy

Community led energy projects will be essentialif Scotland is to reach its 2020 energy targets.

SCENE a social enterprise focused on community energy was started by three students from the University of Edinburgh.

We offered SCENE advice, office space and critical funding to help them get their business off the ground.

But most importantly, SCENE needed help making connections with enterprises and funders who could help them turn their ideas into real projects.

SCENE now produces some of the most in-depth and insightful reports on community energy in the UK.

And they have created and run SCENE Connect the most comprehensive database of community renewable energy projects ever created.

success story #2: creating smarter energy policy

We need to smarter policy to help Scotland reach its 2020 energy goals.

We collaborated with the ClimateXChange to produce a report that provides evidence of the social factors that influence the success of community energy projects.

ClimateXChange is a collaborative initiative betweensixteen of Scotlands leading research and higher education institutionsundertaking work the transition to a low carbon economy.

We used our network of business and government leaders to help ClimateXChange conduct a wide array of interviews and deep research.

Our report provides critical insight for local councils, the Scottish Government and community groups wishing to pursue renewable energy projects.

This research will be pivotal in creating smart national policy that supports a scale up of community energy projects.

success story #3: building capacity for climate action in China

China is also one of the fastest growing economies. It is also the worlds biggest emitter of carbon.

China understands the opportunity of being a low carbon leader, which is why our low carbon learning programme had such great appeal.

We delivered a two-week programme that brought senior Chinese Government officials together with academic experts, policy-makers, businesses leaders and investors.

This programme strengthened UK relations with senior representatives from the NRDC fostering an ongoing dialogue around creating a low carbon future between the UK and China.

Delivering training and education to equip private and public sector leaders with the skills required to succeed in the low carbon economy will help us create a cleaner, better, more prosperous world for all.