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Case study detailing Affinitive’s work for Diptyque Paris, the legendary French perfumer and maker of luxury scented candles, home fragrances and a body care collection.

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  • 1. social media in the luxury marketancase study

2. Overview diptyque Paris, a French luxury fragrance company with a global audience, looked to expand their international presence to the eclectic and selective luxury consumer. While aspiring luxury consumers were certainly welcome, diptyque looked specifically to engage with luxury enthusiasts who were already familiar with diptyques history and attuned to its lifestyle aesthetic. Though diptyques social media presence was non- existent at the time, content and conversation coming from their customers presented an opportunity to connect in a personal, unique way for the brand.Confidential 3. Luxury Social Media Challenges Luxury products are for the elite, yet social technologies are for everyone. Luxury brands face a unique conundrum of marrying these 2 worlds. - Forrester Research Challenges Facing diptyque and other Luxury Brands in Social Media: Promise of Allure & Exclusivity: Its difficult for a brand to selectively choose who to interact with via most social networking channels and this segmentation if done incorrectly could cause a major backlash. Maintaining Integrity of Brand Image: For a luxury brand, image is everything. Many luxury companies are reluctant to experiment with new marketing strategies for fear of distorting their brand image. Brand Aesthetic: Because a luxury brand needs to maintain the appropriate aesthetics, social media can be a more difficult and more expensive proposition for them. Brand Recognition: While renowned in France, diptyques recognition as a leading scent and fragrance company in the U.S was promising, but overall lacking in volume and voice.Confidential 4. Objectives diptyque aimed to raise awareness in the U.S. for its brand and products through a low cost, high impact social marketing strategy focused on activating its existing cult following, growing its online community, and driving consumers to its properties both online and in-store. In addition to increasing brand recognition and owning the conversation on fragrance and scent education, diptyque sought to gain leverage that would help launch new initiatives and products in an inventive manner.Share of Voice diptyque vs. competitorsConfidential 5. Solution: Redefine Exclusivity & Luxury Its not cool to be excessive anymore...or being gaudyIts really aboutelegance and understatement.Tory BurchMany recognizable luxury brands are having success online by connecting withcurrent customers on Facebook & Twitter by creating communities around sharing andaspirational values. Make it easy to find your brand in social media Make best use of your brand website Make use of sharing tools to help enable customers to share content on company branded sites such as blog posts and product images. Create original content for social media & commit to consistent communication Follow the 80/20 Rule Devote 80% of content to inform, inspire, amuse and connect with your fans around abrand, and 20% of content around product-driven messages. Highlight high profile (celebrity) fans If celebrities and industry tastemakers are using your products and talk about them, echoit back and highlight from your own efforts.Confidential 6. Singular Presence diptyque created a singular Facebook and Twitter presence that reflected brand ideals. The diptyque voice focused on candle history and brand education in a witty, approachable, and engaging tone. The Facebook Page integrated content experiences from the official website adding points of discovery, while Twitter proactively engaged with devotees. In reaching out and making key suggestions as well as initiating conversation, diptyque was able to build a loyal, active following. An ad spend was executed reaching targeted, desired consumers to get the conversations started.Confidential 7. Brand Voice One of diptyques challenges was presenting itself as both accessible and aspirational, staying true to the tenets of being a truly luxury brand. The brand voice was one of approachability. Content was posted earlier in the day to extend diptyques international reach and was highly visual or educational in regards to products, scents, and fragrances. The brand voice was knowledgeable, warm, and witty, but never over eager or casual. Engagement was limited to customer service and answering questions to allow for the organic celebration of the brand.Confidential 8. International Influence Foremost a French luxury brand (and with many fans based in France), diptyque needed to appeal to an international audience but also stay true to their French heritage. Page content and experiences were often translated to French and geo-targeted to fans with language preferences set to French. Customers who asked questions in French were oftenRetailers, Blogs, Magazines, Celebrities answered in their native Liberty London language. 36,464 FollowersHabitually Chic Savoir Flair13,721 Followers11,574 Followers Diptyque engaged with US andSaks 5th AvenueGQ FashionMolly Sims 77,300 Followers 111,194 Followers French influencers on Twitter, 25,723 Followers building credibility and goodwill Harrods Models.com Chanel Iman internationally among the 56,640 Followers64,068 Followers 92,726 Followers Twitter elite.Confidential 9. Visual Experiences To increase awareness of new products and brand history, diptyque created applications to create an engaging visual consumer experience. Experiences included pages for their Roseros and 34 boulevard Saint-Germain launches, a product overview, and a brief history of the diptyque brand.Confidential 10. Sample Gifting In Fall 2010, diptyque embarked on an Eau Duelle fragrance giveaway. Participants liked diptyques welcome tab and filled out an address form to receive a free sample of their Eau Duelle fragrance. The entry gate was open for two days in which time it was picked up by several major influencers and spread virally, resulting in 3,600 new fans in 48 hours. Foursquare promotions were also executed in store to give away sample products during major sales and product events.Confidential 11. Products Launch French tandem of illustrators Kuntzel & Deygas paid homage to the eternal love of Beauty and the Beast. diptyques welcome tab was re- skinned to reflect the beauty of Rose and Eros with a Roseros video, inspiration sketches, and a photo gallery. Roseros was live throughout the month of February. The end results were overwhelmingly positive and beneficial in garnering attention, and boosting conversation and page views. Roseros sold out on diptyqueparis.com within a matter of days.Confidential 12. #ScentMemoryTo promote awareness of thebrands new social presence,diptyque hosted Scent Memoryevents, 5 day Twitter hashtaggifting events displaying fan-submitted scent memories withinan elegant and sleek Facebookexperience.Over 750 brand mentions and400 followers were garneredduring the two scent memoryevents.Holiday sales of ScentMemory products showed anoticeable spike in salesduring the week longpromotion.Confidential 13. Facebook Results Affinitive took over management of the diptyque Facebook page in late 2010. By late 2011, the page had grown by 5,500%. Diptyqueparis.com traffic from Facebook increased dramatically, boosting sales significantly. Among competitors, diptyque grew to become the 3rd most Liked brand on Facebook within their competitive set. Total Likes 50,000 40,000 30,000 23,000+ 20,000 10,0000Confidential 14. Twitter Results @diptyqueparis began Twitter in late 2010. By late 2011, it had surpassed all competitors in followers and influence (highest klout among competitors.)Twitter Followers* 3,700+4,0003,0002,0001,00006,0005,0004,000Total Followers3,0002,0001,000 Total Following 0 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11Confidential