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Business research method presentation by Arif Ali , kaziranga university

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Text of Business research method presentation by Arif Ali , kaziranga university

  • By Arif Ali

    Id No:SB14MB0023


  • Smart phone is a term for distinguishing mobile phones withadvanced features from basic feature phones. It include allof those features plus the features of a laptop , including webbrowsing, Wi-Fi, and 3rd-party apps and accessories

    Customer satisfaction is defined as the number ofcustomers , or percentage of total customers, whosereported experience with a firm, its products, or its services(ratings) exceeds specified satisfaction goals. In a survey ofnearly 200 senior marketing managers, 71 percent respondedthat they found a customer satisfaction metric very useful inmanaging and monitoring their businesses.

  • Statement of Problem To find out the present customer satisfaction of smart

    phones in the study area with special reference to Samsung mobiles.

    To know who the customers were, what they want, how they use react to the mobile.

    This study will help to gain knowledge about the market factors influencing the customer to prefer a particular brand and problems faced by on using such brands and so on.


    know the factors that influence the customer to buy the product.

    know the necessary change in product features

    customer feeling about the Samsung smart phone.

    Useful for the company to make necessary changes in price, designs, apps, and etc..

  • OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The socio-economic status of respondents.

    The awareness level towards Samsung smart phones in terms of features, applications and services etc..,

    The factors to be considered while buying the Samsung smart phones.

    The major competitors & market position of the Samsung smart phones.

    The satisfaction level of customers towards Samsung smart phones.

    Offer suggestions to improve the quality of Samsung

  • RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH DESIGN: The research design of the

    project is descriptive as it describes data and characteristics associated with the population using mobile phones.

    Descriptive research is used to obtain information concerning the current status of the phenomena to describe what exists with respect to variables in a given situation.

  • AREA OF STUDY: Coimbatore City

    PERIOD OF STUDY:2 weeks

    METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION:2 methods of data collection were used

    1/Primary Data

    2/Secondary Data

  • Primary Data

    Primary data is that data which is collected for the first time.

    It is original in nature in the shape of raw material and for the purpose of collection of primary data a well structured questionnaire was filled by the respondents.

    The questionnaire comprises of close ended as well as ended questions.

  • Secondary Data

    Secondary data is the data which is already collected by someone.

    They are secondary in nature and area in shape of finished product.

    Secondary data was collected so as to have accurate results.

    Required data was collected from various books, magazines, journals and internet.

  • SAMPING METHOD:The sampling used for the study is convenient sampling. This sampling is selected by the researcher for the purpose of convenience to access.

    SAMPLE SIZE :For the study, sample sizes of 100 respondents were selected

    STATISTICAL TOOLS USED : For this study Simple percentage method and Ranking are used.


    The survey was limited to Coimbatore City only, so it

    cannot be generalized to other parts of cities.

    The samples size is limited to 100 customers only.

    Time is one of the major constraints.

    At most care taken by the researches to choose the correct information from the respondents.

    The study is based upon primary data, so any wrong information given by the respondents may mislead the



    Simple percentage method: Number of respondentsdistribution shows the number of frequencies in variousclasses which helps to get some preliminary ideas withrespect to the objectives under study. Therefore, as afirst step number of distribution with respondents forvarious variables. To interpret the resultcomprehensively percentage value are computed. Thepercentage method was extensively used for analysisand interpretation.


    S.NO Factors Description No of Respondents %

    1 Gender Male 60 60

    Female 40 40


    Age Group

    a)Below 25 yrs 60 60

    b)25-35 Yrs 20 20

    c)36-45 Yrs 15 15

    d)Above 45 yrs 5 5

    3 Marital Status

    a)Married 30 30

    b)Unmarried 70 70



    Student 59 59

    Faculty 30 30

    Admin Dept 9 9

    Others 2 2


    1 Awareness Advertisement 65

    Salesman 20

    Friends 14

    Others 1

    2 Mode Of Purchase Cash 96

    EMI 4

    3 Reason Behind Use Features 56

    Browsing Facility 34

    Applications 10

    4 Influencing Factor Durability 11

    Handling ease 11

    Quality of Service 78


    SI.NO Competitors Total Score Rank

    1 Apple 355 V

    2 Sony 466 I

    3 Nokia 381 IV

    4 HTC 399 III

    5 Micromax 400 II


    The majority 65% of the respondents are aware about the Samsung smart phones by advertisement.

    The majority 96% of the respondents mode of purchase is cash basis.

    78% of the respondents change their smart phones due to Quality.

    Majority of the respondents are satisfied with regards to the Quality, Features and Price.

  • Ranking Analysis

    Among six competitors brands, the brand Sony has been ranked as I

    The brand Micromax has been ranked as II

    The brand htc has been ranked as III

  • Suggestions

    There is a wide scope for further development of Samsung smart phones. The world of mobile field is not static; it is always subject to change according to technology. To keep abstracted of the technological improvement the Samsung smart phones need refinement as in as follows-

    i/Feedback to fulfill needs and wants

    ii/Increased battery backup as people are more concerned on it.

    iii/Reduce price as new competitors are rising

    iv/More advertisement should be made


    This study conducted concludes that Samsung phonesis a highly moving smart phones, when compared toother smart phone. The study about the various aspectsof customer satisfaction on Samsung smart phones inCampus city satisfied the following objectives i.e.Handling convenience in Samsung smart phones andthe quality of service provider in Samsung smartphones. The survey conducted from Campus helps tomake identification over its strength and weakness ofSamsung smart phones.

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