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  • Apprentice ProjectSemester 2Ayegl ErdemYiithan YazganBatuhan Deryamer Yagc

  • Initial products that we evaluated: Candy/ chocolate bar- everyone likes it, so it is easy to sellpizza slice- fresh pizza from dominos will attract many people during lunch ourlighter- there are lots of people who smoke and are willing to purchase lighters for themselves.fresh juice- refreshing and popularshots- alcohol- entertaining and fun

  • After evaluating these products we decided on fresh juice.

    We chose this product because it is both refreshing and attractive. Customers will have the opportunity to make their own fresh juice from any fruit they want.

  • Equipments to make a fresh juice:FruitsPlastic cupsStrawsTableMixerKnife

  • Equipments for advertisingBannersPostersColorful pen/pencilsPhotocopies

  • Since the mixer will be provided by one of us, we will only need to purchase the fruits in order to make the product.

    When we buy fruits from the wholesaler, the prices will be very low and we will be able to purchase high kilos of different fruits.

  • FruitsPrice per kilogramAmount (kg)Total PriceOrange3 TL1545 TLApple2 TL510 TLPomegranate4 TL520 TLKiwi3 TL515 TL

    TOTAL: 90 TL

  • From these amounts, we will be able to produce approximately 50 cups. We plan on selling a quality product with a high markup. Since it will be fresh and healthy, the price will be a little expensive.

    Every cup will be 8 TL in order to make profit.

  • Marketing planWe are planning on preparing posters with colorful design to attract people. This will include working on a more creative level. We will have photocopies surrounding the campus to advertise our product. Since it is a known good, we wont have a hard time convincing people to buy it.

  • RisksThere are a few risks about our product.First of all, people could buy fresh juice within the campus elsewhere, so we will be having competition. People would might not want to buy something that is hand made while they can receive it automatically from a machine (because of hygienic issues).

  • We can not manage the risk of competition because it is out of our hands but we can encourage and attract people to our table by different advertising methods. We can also persuade people that the product is clean by reassuring them through our appearance.

  • TaskDescription Dateday 1day 2day 3day 4day 5day 6day 7day 8 1Pre-Sales Tasks1.1Finance (planned)Research equipment costs (planned)Find sponsors (planned)1.2Equipment (planned)1.3Marketing1.4Assignments2Sales Day2.1Products2.2Equipment2.3Accounting2.4Marketing2.5Sales3Post-Sales Tasks3.1Equipment3.2Finance3.3Marketing3.4AssignmentsPresentation of outcomesReflection essay

    Finishedin progressIncompletecategory line

  • Expected OutcomesPrice of product: 8 TLEstimated sales quantity: 30Total revenue: 180 TL180 TL- 100 TL= 80 TL profit

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