20 Useful Content Marketing Tips

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Dr. Mathew McDougall, Founder and CEO of Digital Jungle will outline 20 useful considerations when planning a Chinese focused social media program. The per-commencement phase of a social media program is often forgotten or ill conceived thus leading to ineffective outcomes. His talk will introduce the ideas of: 1. Story telling 2. Using research to determine audience segmentation 2. Understanding what metrics make sense to track 3. Liking, Sharing and Engaging.

Text of 20 Useful Content Marketing Tips

  • 1. 20 USEFUL TIPSWHEN DEVELOPING A CHINESE SOCIALMEDIA MARKETING PROGRAMDr. Mathew McDougallFounder & CEO, Digital Junglematt@digitaljungle.com.cnREALLYv

2. 1. TELL STORIESMarketing is no longer about ads. Storytelling is the most powerful tool we haveto develop a relationship with customers and prospective customers.The communication is not any more about the message calling foraction, but more a story that immerses customers in the brandexperience. 3. 2. BE USEFULHelp people with your content. Provide tips, advice, apps to solve problems andanswer questions. Even if the solution isn't your product or service. If they're peopleyou'd like to do business with, help them however you can and you will establishtrust.To be useful means first really listening to your consumers to find out what problemsthey have. You might think you know, but you won't really know until you talk to them. 4. 3.KNOW YOUR AUDIENCENot everyone inChina likes rice.Know youraudience, theirlikes/dislikes,interests and whatthey do digitally. 5. 4. BE ENTERTAININGThis is especially true if you're marketing to a consumer audience. If you want greatword of mouth recommendations and shareable content, make your audience smile.Try a #Fun Friday or #Monday Madness topic 6. 5.MEASURE SUCSESSSo how are you going to know when you reach your goal? What are youtracking, how are you tracking? Does this make sense?Is a Like, Share or Engagement the right metric?INTERESTING FACT68% of respondents claimed to share content as a way to give people a betterpicture of who they are and what they care about. 7. 6. BE EDUCATIONALBe a teacher and provide your audience with content that makes them excitedbecause theyve learned something new that will help them be better in business orin their lives.What's quality content? The moment that someonereads it and goes 'ah, now I get it'. That's quality content. 8. 7. BE PROVOCATIVEProvide true thought leadership for your sector by challenging people's assumptions.Inspire debate, provoke discussions, and use research to support your argumentsand make people think differently.Challenge the status quo that's in your customer's minds. Every customerthinks 'everything's fine, I don't need that new product'. The most successfulsalespeople help to challenge the customer's thinking - that there's a problemor need that they didn't know about. Identify trends. Look into the future andshow where they are now and where it's going to go, and here are the thingsyou need to change. 9. 8. BE VISUALHumans process images 60,000 times faster than text. Visual content is a powerfulway to tell stories. Images in social media, infographics, video, Slideshare andPinterest are all great examples of ways that visual content has exploded aroundthe world.Chinese love visual content Over 90% of Chinese netizens watch videos online,surpassing the amount of traditional TV users.INTERESTING FACT67% of Chinese take photos and post them on Weibo before eating 10. 9. BE STRATEGICContent marketing used to be about generating awareness and raisingyour brand's profile. It's still about that ... and more. Unless you set strategicobjectives that lead to sales, you'll have a hard time convincing yourmanagers (or your clients) to keep spending money on the content youproduce.Content marketing has six main goals: build your brand profile, attract newprospects, increase lead generation, build thought leadership, drive sales andincrease customer loyalty. 11. 10. BE SCIENTIFICTest your calls to action. Measure against your KPIs and success metrics.Analyze the behavior of your audience to gain insights. Utilize technology to help you.People can't tell you what they think of your brand. You have to look at theirbehavior. Behavioral data tells you what's really happening, not traditionalsurveys. 12. 11. DISTRIBUTE PURPOSELYOutside the top four apps, the next most popular social apps individually have alimited following, with none reaching over 9% of mobile netizens. 13. 12. LEARN TO ITERATEIt's not about having the biggest budgets (although that helps!). Make the best use ofthe budget you have.Every time you produce a piece of content, create iterations of it: an article, a video,a webinar, a whitepaper all on the same topic or from the same interview. 14. 13.REMEMBER ITS ABOUTPEOPLESpeak to youraudience in theirlanguage aboutwhat's in theirheart.Jonathan Lister,VP North AmericanSales for LinkedIn 15. 14. PEOPLE LIVE IN TRIBESYour target audience maybe using a specific platform now but over time tribesmay move. Just like nomadic people of the past our digital tribes can quickly get upand leave remember Renren, Kaixin, P1.comRegular testing your tribal assumptions will ensure you are not investing in areasthat no longer make sense. 16. 15. TAKE RISKSBe willing to fail sometimes. Not every story or piece of content will work, butsometimes the most engaging content comes from being brave.If you don't have room to fail, you don't have room to grow.Jonathan MildenhallKeep trying to get the thing right and eventually you will.William Shatner, Actor, Author and Film Maker 17. 16. GO MOBILEWhile the vast majority of netizens still access social platforms via desktopand laptop, they have significantly shifted their use onto mobile devices. 18. 17. QR MANIAQR codes are an inevitable gateway to branded digital and social events. Theynow serve as an entry to the digital experience.Insights: Use QR codes as an entrance and bridge between online and offline Leverage a users curiosity and playfulness when putting your QR codes ondifferent locations with different end purposes. Use the 4Ps of your product to provide consumer solutions for users whowill scan your QR codes 19. 18. LEVERAGE KOLsWhen it comes to purchase decision, Chinese social media users are highlyinfluenced by their friends and colleagues, esp. the younger demos 20. 19. INTRODUCE GAMIFICATIONBrands are leveraging time as an element in the experience design, gettingusers to explore and shaping behavior for engagement as well as purchase..Adding on timed mechanics is a common method adopted by many gamedesigners to create and increase the challenge, so as to immediately draw aplayer in.For Example, At a specific time, users have a chance in taking part in the luckydraw on their mini site, in addition to the voting campaign on what type offlavor and man would win the princess heart. 21. 20. KEEP GOINGGreatest social media failing for a Brand is to run out of social steam. Eitherunder resourced, under estimated, under financed.Consider being invited to a party and finding out that the host left waythrough and the venue was closing without notice. Impressions will driveperception. 22. For more information about Digital Jungle,please visit our Linkedin page, and followus on Twitter.www.digitaljungle.com.au 23. www.digitaljungle.com.auBEIJING | SHANGHAI | SYDNEY | AUCKLAND