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this is just things i like and stuff about me


  • 1.
    • About me
    Yavira Marte
  • 2. Hello everyone my name is Yavira Marte and I'm 17 years old. I was born and raised in Dominican Republic and came to live here when I was 13. This Is my first quarter in A.I. and I really like this school so far. My major is Interior Design and Im a very creative and friendly girl.
  • 3. My Hobbies
    • I love doing a lot of different and creative things. My passions are Interior Design and modeling. But in my free time I also enjoy reading books, drawing, painting, and a lot of different stuff. My favorite website would be MySpace, I log in almost everyday and I get very creative with my profile. My addictions are chocolate and ice-cream I just love them especially if they come together. I also love gymnastics and I can do almost any routine but my specialty is the bars.
  • 4. Music Favorite Band I can listen to any type of music but I have a specific kind that I listen to depending on how Im feeling. I love rock for any occasion, its one of my favorites of all. Also, I listen to soft music like pop and classic when I want to relax. For parties I love bachatas, reggeton and music with rhythm you can dance to. By the way I love dancing, I can dance to a lot of different music like hip-hop, bachata, reggeton, salsa and belly dancing. I love to dance, its like a form of exercise for me, I have fun and get in shape while I do it. Favorite singer
  • 6. Stuff I Love
    • Shoes
    • Pink and Purple
    • Perfumes
    • Make up
    • Ice-Cream
    • Music
    • Hearts and Flowers
    • Dancing
    • Clothes
    • Movies
  • 7. Websites These are some of the Sites Im into Msn and hotmail are one of my most visited websites I go all the time to check my e-mails and to chat with friends. MySpace is my most favorite website. I love it because I never get bored with it and I can personalize my own profile however I want. I also got a lot of friends . Google I dont visit very often, I just go when I have to research something or when I have to get photos, but it is very helpful. I use you tube when Im bored , I go there to look for videos and funny stuff.
  • 8. Created by: Yavira Marte