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    • I am 19 years old and my birthday is June 11 th .
    • I live in uptown Manhattan with my boyfriend Miguel.
    • I am a current student of AiNYC and I major in Graphic Design.
    • I have 2 jobs as a babysitter and a jello shot girl.
  2. 3.
    • I am a HUGE animal lover and I have many pets.
    • I have a Rottweiler, a Cat, a Sun Conure (parrot), 3 betta fish, and a Hermit Crab
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    • Travel
    • Food
    • Shopping
    • Movies
    • Art
  4. 5.
    • I haveloved art since I was very little.
    • I plan on using the education and skills I receive from the Art Institute to become a successful Graphic Designer.
    • My dream job would be to work at a Graphic Design agency and someday own my own agency.