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  • 1. Slideshow Showcase My Life Liu Yung Piao BUS210
  • 2. AWARDSThese are the many athletic awards I earned in my elementary and highschool days. Athletics has always been my passion and still is today. Though Iam not on any Centennial sports teams, I still try to stay as active as I can byhaving a membership at Good Life Fitness where I work out at least 5 timesa week. I am very proud of myself for achieving all these awards;however, it was mostly because of teamwork.
  • 3. COLLEAGUES AT BIER MARKTThis picture was taken at Bier Markt with my Colleagues at Federick Restaurant.This gathering was for one of the co-workers - leaving to go back to Austria. Thesepeople are not just my co-workers but also my family. I spend most of my timewith all these wonderful people that they are more than just friends to me. Asimple get together just brightens up my day knowing that the workplace is notjust a time where we work but it also strengthens relationships.
  • 4. HONG KONG DISNEYLAND IN 2009This was my second trip to Hong Kong Disney Land. Hong Kong isconsidered the Worlds top business center; where I had a fantastic time at.This picture was taken during noon time before the parade that was aboutto take place. I have learned that people in HKG are not that friendly but itwas a great experience for me. I learned many things that I did not knowbefore; especially the language. Going to HKG from time to time hasincreased my ability to speak Mandarin. Being able to interact with differentpeople have taught me not only the culture, but also the language itself.
  • 5. BAR-B-Q NATION (INDIA)This photo was taken in India when I went for a short trip in 2009. We tookmy cousins Indian food; something that was different for them since theywere from Austria. In this photo however, I am the camera man here so Iwas not able to join the picture. It made me happy to see my cousins for thefirst time since most of my family members were not in India. Family meansa lot to me and I would never forgot this moment. Just the bonding momentthat we all shared will stay with me for a lifetime.
  • 6. CHRISTMAS IN CANADA - 2010This was my first Christmas here in Canada. The picture was taken during familydinner. I have learned that family gathering is important to me and also a big eventin Canadian society. Since I am alone here in Canada without my immediatefamily, seeing how much family I have here makes everything better. Even if myimmediate family are not here, all these people in the photo make me feel at home.I have learnt that family is very important and that they will always be there for mewhenever I am in need.