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  • 1. Miss Vogue Meets Kylie JennerHANNAH KENYON

2. Type Of Documentary This type of documentary is fully narrated by Kylie Kristen Jennerherself. 3. Themes The themes portrayed to the audience throughout the documentary are:Fashion V Self ExpressionCulture V Hobbies 4. Narrative Structure This documentary is an open narrative as you are able to make your ownopinion on Kylie Jenners life. Kylie used direct address when speaking to the audience about growing up. Shetold us a story about when she was younger, she was in church and her halfsister Khloe Kardashian wore this lovely dress with a jean jacket. Thismoment was what made Kylie interested in dressing more cute and stylish. Iused to always try to copy her outfits. 5. Camera Work There are many medium close-ups being used throughout Miss Vogueespecially when Kylie is having her photo shoot for Vogue in order to see whatshe is wearing so viewers will go and buy clothes like her. I think she is a verygood fashion influence to teenagers. Another medium close-up was used when scanning through her wardrobe ofclothes with a blurred effect then quickly focussing on the clothing, so that theaudience can see exactly what style of clothing she likes to wear. 6. Camera Work A long shot has been used of Kylie outside in the neighbourhood to show theviewer were she lives. As you can see the weather is lovely and sunny with tallpalm trees in the distance implying to the audience that Kylie lives in America.Interestingly, the photographer herself is also in the shot to give the viewer aninside look on how the media business works. This makes you feel more apartof Kylies life and keeps you entertained. This high angle shot of the tall palmtrees show you Kylie lives in a hot climate area. I think they also look chilledmaking the viewer calm when watching. 7. Camera Work Low angle shot used when Kylie is sitting on her motor bike for thephoto shoot. This conveys to the viewer that Kylie is mysterious andwants you to think shes edgy. The floor shot of Kylie and her crews feethas been used to show off her footwear. She is wearing white pumps(on the right) which signifies she dresses like a normal teenager eventhough she is famous and rich. This lets the audience connect towardsKylie as a role model as they can relate to her clothing choices. 8. Camera Work An extreme close-up has been used of Kylies face when she is playingon her phone to keep the audience watching and also to show theaudience that she does indeed have a very busy lifestyle however, Kylieloves to stay in contact with her friends and online social networkingsites in order to connect with her fans. For example: Twitter, Instagramand Tumblr. All three sites are used to make you feel like you knowKylie. 9. Mise-En-Scene Kylie has her own unique, vintage style and expresses herself through herclothing choices. She claims her fashion sense is always changing throughoutthe year and constantly changes the colour of her hair. I think she is trying tofind who she is through her appearance. At the moment Kylie says that herstyle is currently Girly Goth with colours like: black, blue, red and white. Kylielooks for fashion inspiration from her half sister Kim (half sister) and KanyeWest (Kim's husband). I find this very ironic as Kim always asks Kylie foradvice on clothes and enjoys looking through Kylies Tumblr blog for style tipson clothing and make-up. 10. Mise En Scene Kylies clothes are mainly black with an indie style connoting rock chick, coolwith that edgy vibe. She also has a lot of ear piercings and likes to wear fakeSharpie tattoos. The backgrounds shown throughout Miss Vogue are varied.Inside the lighting is very white and bright signifying clean, nice and expensive.However, when shooting outside the lighting is sunny and warm, with flowersto connote girly and pretty. Kylie enjoys to wear clothes that standout. Forexample: she is shown wearing a long dress with a capital font. This is done tomake a bold statement about herself and who she is, it also makes her lookmysterious and cool. 11. Sound The sound throughout the documentary is surprisingly just one songbeing played continuously throughout. The song is very girly and calmwith a slight opera sound to it, with drums being played in thebackground to build tension and to keep us entertained when Kylie isspeaking. In my opinion, this has been done to signify Kylie is a verychilled person and this reflects onto her fans. 12. Editing A fade in has been used at the beginning of the documentary showing the titleand her name. There are many cuts used throughout, mainly from the photoshoot back to the interview with Kylie. This keeps you more entertained asthere is a good variety. A panning effect was used when showing thephotographer moving around to take good shots of Kylie. This lets us see moreof what her life is like rather than what we just see on the television from herfamily reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The zoom outeffect was used when the camera is on the motorbike to show the viewer thesurroundings of her neighbourhood. More cuts are used from palm trees tobuildings to connote she lives somewhere hot in this case the U.S. 13. Archive Material The archive material shown is Kylie speaking about her family, tellingstory's from what life was like growing up with a huge family that'salways in the public eye. 14. GraphicsThe graphics used are: Thanks to... Music Styled by... Make-up artist Hair stylist Produced by? Photographer Filmed by...