7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

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7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it is always something you will remember. However, you can also make your wedding ceremony and reception memorable for your family, friends and other guests who are celebrating the day with you. These seven suggestions can help you make your wedding a day that is cherished by those closest to you and your fianc.

Introduce the Wedding PartyMany of your guests may not know who the members of your wedding party are or why they are standing up with you at your wedding. In the program, have a section reserved to introduce members of the wedding party by sharing their names and how they are acquainted with the bride and/or groom. You can tell short, fun little anecdotes, such as how the best man has known the groom since little league. It will help other guests know the story without it having to be repeated multiple times during the reception.

Thank Your ParentsDont wait for the reception to thank them for everything they have done for you, write a letter to your mom and/or dad thanking them for their support for everything youve done, tell them you hope your marriage will turn out as good as theirs or for showing you an example of unconditional love in your life. The gesture will mean so much to them, especially since they know how busy youve been planning the wedding. Be sure to include a personalized hanky or some tissues in their seat for when they read their letters.Remembering the AbsentIf you have friends or family members who couldnt attend the wedding or have passed away, honor their memory by wearing something of theirs during the ceremony. A lace handkerchief passed down from your grandmother could be the brides something borrowed or a tie tack or lapel pin from the grooms uncle or father could be worn with his tuxedo. Include memorial candles at the reception to remember loved ones who have passed away.

Have Guests ParticipateSet aside a few moments during the ceremony to allow family and friends extend their blessings for your marriage. It could be a time of silent blessings, it could be prayers, good wishes, or a funny story told about the bride and/or groom. Pre-select people to stand up during this moment to avoid awkward and time-consuming silences or to avoid people you know would ramble on and on. It could create some very touching moments that you and your guests will remember for years to come.Leave Out the Bouquet TossForget about tossing the bouquet to your single friends, especially if you are not in your 20s. The chances are that you may not have very many single friends left and those who are unattached could be embarrassed by revealing their martial status in front of a room full of people they may not know. Instead of the toss, dedicate your bouquet to a special woman in your life. It could be your mother, your new mother-in-law, a favorite aunt or a good friend. The dedication is a great way to create a special moment during the reception.

Pick a Special VenueInstead of renting out a ballroom, be creative and hold your reception at a museum, a nearby national park or the zoo. Many of these venues have rooms you can reserve for parties and your guests can wonder around if they get bored after the cake is cut, the first dance is over and the speeches have concluded. An interesting art display, a waterfall or the gorilla room could make for some memorable and beautiful wedding photos as well.Keep the Kids OccupiedOut of town guests may not have a sitter for their children, so you may have younger guests at your wedding and the reception. Keep them occupied by setting up a kids table with crayons, coloring books and other activities that they will find fun. Create a special childrens menu with corn dogs, hamburgers and cupcakes in lieu of wedding cake. You could even set up a room especially for the kids with animated movies playing or a magician to entertain them while the grown-ups are partying.

There are many ways you can make your wedding memorable for all involved. Whether it is a unique venue, special moments to thank the loved ones in your life, exiting the reception between lines of sparklers or creating a time to remember those who have passed, you can create moments your friends and family will remember for a very long time. Many of them may copy your ideas for their own wedding so they can create the event of a lifetime for themselves and the friends and family members in their lives that they cherish.

Nita Hamm is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and events for many publications. She lives in New York City, but some of her favorite wedding venues are in New Jersey, such as Naninas in the Park and The Park Savoy.