How to plan memorable morning wedding?

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  • How to Plan Memorable Morning Wedding?

    Early morning weddings are catching up popularity these days, especially

    since they are affordable and create a perfect set up. What fun would it be to

    exchange vows right when the raw sunrays throw up the early daylight

    sparkling up the venue, the early chirping of the birds that soothe the body,

    mind, and soul, and the chilly yet pleasant breeze that rejuvenates the body

    every time it touches the skin. Welcoming the new phase of your life when

    nature is in its purest form asks for the best wedding theme.

    Morning weddings are cheap, with less effort in booking an outdoor venue

    as most would have the morning slot free. Also, since natural sunlight would

    be the best in the early morning hours, you would not have to spend on

    lighting and similar decors, thus saving up a lot of money. Well, if such a set up

    pleases your mind then an early morning wedding would be the right option

    for you. We tell you the easy, affordable, and fun ways to arrange a morning


  • 1. Welcome your guests with unique goodies:

    Well, want to tell your love story to all your guests at the wedding, and then

    how about designing a newspaper that would have your early romantic days

    photos and your journey together until the marriage. Provide the guests with

    sunglasses, if you think that the wedding would go on till lunch. A hot piping

    cup of filter coffee served as a welcome drink to the guests can be refreshing

    and a much-looked-for beverage.

    2. Wedding invitation cards:

    A morning wedding invitation card should be bright and simple enough to

    convey the message to your guests. The best way to depict the time of the

    marriage would be by the background of a rising sun, at the time of the

    wedding mentioned in bold letters. You can try the scroll wedding cards that

    can be designed in the best possible way.

  • 3. Decorations:

    Morning weddings would look fantastic and pleasurable in an outdoor venue.

    Not much would be required to decorate the place, as nature would be at its

    best display in the early morning hours. Decorations such as table dcor, floral

    decorations, and a light early morning raga playing in the background can be

    perfect to enhance the venue.

    Morning weddings are easy to plan, and would be a time saver too. Since you

    would be done with the rituals by lunch, you would have the entire evening to

    spend with your spouse.

  • 4. Wedding menu:

    The wedding menu for an early morning marriage can be a light breakfast, be

    it Indian or continental cuisine majorly depending on the tastes of the


    If the wedding rituals might go up till lunch, then you have two options, either

    to serve the guests with a brunch in the middle of the wedding, or a three-

    course lunch after the wedding. Whatever the provision, it would be fair

    enough to mention the same in the invitation card.

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