10 Steps To A Memorable Wedding

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  1. 1. Haras Caterings Take On The 10 Steps To A Memorable Wedding! Congratulations, so you are engaged to the man of your dreams and now it is time to start planning the wedding of your dreams. However, you dont have any idea how to get started. In this article, we have discussed the 10 steps for the best wedding event. 10 steps to a perfect wedding event: 1. The first step is to prioritize everything. Whenever you are in dilemma about the compromises and the choices, you need to prioritize that job. 2. The second step for the wedding of your dreams is to make the big decisions on the priority basis. Once you can see the big picture, the small things can get sorted easily. 3. The third step is to organize the work in step-by-step process. After you have taken the big decisions, it is easy to organize your work in a specific manner. You can also make a flowchart depicting different sections like bride, guests, decoration, menu, etc. After that, you can also divide them like under the bride section; you can create the subcategories like the makeup, wedding dress, shoes, clutch, etc. However, before this you need to decide upon the wedding date and check out the different venues depending upon the wedding of your dreams. Also, you need to decide upon who will bear the expense of which things etc.
  2. 2. 4. Now, expand your flow chart by including the schedule of each and every task which you have divided in different sections. In this way, you have a timetable for the preparation of the wedding of your dreams. Whenever you have a problem, you can consult the timetable for finishing some task. 5. Involve and delegate some tasks to your family, friends, in case you both are working full-time and are not able to focus on the preparations. 6. Catering is an important aspect when it comes to wedding. Handing over the entire contract to a trusted caterer like Haras catering will take care of a major responsibility off your shoulder. 7. As you have signed the contracts with the various vendors for decorations etc. now you need to get confirmations and the updates from them. Apart from that, you need to check your task list and do the pending jobs. 8. As you have the final guest-list and RSVP list with you, you need to follow-up with the different vendors and for finalizing of the table name cards. Haras catering ensures end to end catering services that would also rid you off the minor duties pertaining to catering aspect. 9. As the final countdown to the wedding has started, you are busy with the wedding rehearsal. You also need to meet all the vendors again and check list all the arrangement for the wedding. 10. The day of wedding is now here. Now, dont take any tension. This is the wedding of your dreams which has come true. Relax and make it a memorable one!