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Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris

by m-abdullah-reza-dh





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Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Batu Putri Menangis On a hill away from the village , there lived a widow Kalimantan region poor and a daughter . The girl was very pretty dainty widow . But unfortunately , he had a very bad attitude . She was very lazy, never helped her mother do the jobs home . It works just primp every day . In addition to lazy, spoiled girl's attitude once . All requests must be obeyed . Every time he asks something to the mother should be granted , regardless of the state of the poor mother , every day must toil for a bite of rice . One day her mother asked her son down to the village to shop . The layout of the village market so far , so they had to walk quite tiring . The girls walked strolled by wearing good clothes and primp for people on the street who see it will be admiring her beauty . While his mother walked behind , carrying a basket with a very dirty clothes . Because they live secluded place , no one knew that the two women who run it are mother and son . As they began to enter the village , the villagers stared at them . They were so fascinated by the beauty of the girls , especially the village youth who do not get enough of looking at her face . But when he saw people walking behind her , starkly contrasts the situation . It makes people wonder . Among those who saw it , a young man approached and asked her , " Hey , pretty girl . Is that runs behind the mother? " However , what the girls answer ? " No, " she said loftily . " He was a servant ! " Both mother and child were then continued on . Not how much , again approached the young man and the girl asked the boy . "Hi , sweetie . Is it your mother who runs behind you ? " " No, no , " replied the girl with a cock of his head . " He is budakk ! " That's every girl you meet someone along the way who asked about her mother , it is always the answer . Her mother was treated as a servant or slave . At first, the rebellious daughter to hear the answer if someone asked , the mother can still help myself . But after repeatedly hearing the same answer , and that is very painful , eventually the poor mother could not help myself . The mother prayed . " Oh my God , a servant can not take this insult . Child of the servant of the servant so how could such a way to treat yourself . Yes , god punish the rebellious child ! Punish him .... " On the power of God Almighty , her body slowly it turned to stone disobedient . The change started from the foot . When the change has reached half of the body , the girl was crying for mercy to his mother . " Oh , Mom .. mom .. forgive me , forgive your son for this iniquity . Mom ... Mom ... forgive your son .. " The girl continued to weep and plead with her ​​mother to cry . However , everything was too late . The entire body of the girl eventually turned to stone . Despite being rocks , but one can see that his eyes still shed tears , as was crying . Therefore, the stone that comes from the girl who got her mother 's curse is called " Crying Stone " . Such is the story shaped this legend , which by the local people believe that the story actually happened . Whosoever disobeys mother who has given birth to and raise her , it would certainly act laknatnya punishment from God Almighty another version Putri Wulan birth and different half- hour has had a sign from nature . Princess was born amid the sudden weather change so badly , while his sister appears when the weather improves . Once they start growing , then look striking difference . Wulan moral gentle , patient , and loving while the eldest daughter wastrel nan worrying . Worried by the situation , Awang and daughter Sari put into a boarding school with the hope that his son could be changed . Unfortunately, it was instead the daughter of behavior became out of control and the owner of pesantren . The climax occurs when Awang visiting suluangnya daughter , Princess negligence makes the warehouse where he used to laze around on fire . Own daughter survived , but her father is struggling to save her baby had suffered permanent physical disability . Fear will be punished for his actions , daughter escape from school and fell into the Julig , a shaman who wants to find a scapegoat head boy . Apparently , the casualties will be used for the construction of a beachside resort in Darwin run a conglomerate . Luckily, the pair appeared jin Ranggada beachfront dwellers and save Princess once Sugari that killed Julig and Darwin . When Awang and Sari made ​​a loss for its existence to spend a lot of expenses , even life daughter having fun on the court and Sugari Ranggada genie with a job as a companion Elegant their only child . Unfortunately though 've been spoiled by her adoptive parents , Princess misdeeds that have been ingrained, can not be lost . Eventually married and Sugari jin Ranggada not take it anymore , they expel jinn daughter out of the palace . After being stranded and almost raped young scamp , also reunited with daughter Awang and Wulan Sari and her sister . The meeting lasted touching because they have been separated for more than 10 years . Again peaceful atmosphere only lasted a moment , pleasure-loving daughter back because it was used wallowing in luxury without care by parents who are threatened with bankruptcy . His attitude is also very bad for the family . In addition to treating Wulan and her mother as a maid, daughter also harassing a disabled father . In fact , Awang who tried to defend even harmed Putri Wulan , who showed no remorse at all , to meet his death . In the midst of family chaos and economic life increasingly helter - skelter , what happened should not be avoided anymore . The mother finally lost patience see Princess deportment . More fatal , anger this time is much more severe than the husband - wife jin Ranggada and Sugari . Mother unknowingly take an oath or curse . As a result , the Princess directly into a stone statue that continues to shed water clear of the stone eyes . It is said that water is the tears of regret that unfortunately came too late Princess.
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