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<p>Vietnam and CambodiaToursWhen to GoVietnam and Cambodia span numerous climatic zones making the weather extremely difficult to predict. Nevertheless, if you are looking to avoid the rainy seasons and the worst of the heat then when embarking on Vietnam and Cambodia Tours you should consider between October and March.VietnamOnly in the past few years has Vietnam opened its doors to the world after thousands of years of Chinese, Mongols, and Japanese rule: all of which have left a lasting legacy in the supreme temples, and innumerable unique buildings. A country relatively unscathed by tourism, Vietnam is a country just waiting to be explored. Whether you want to explore Vietnams ancient, traditional capital Hanoi, captivated with old artisan quarters, puppet theatres and pagodas along the lakeside or the fabled imperial capital of Hue charmed with golden pavilions, terraced gardens and lily ponds Vietnam and Cambodia tours will allow you to witness it all. The regal and enigmatic, yet moving and imperious Ha Long Bay is a natural beauty to which words cannot do justice. Envisage thousands of limestone karsts and islands rising from the emerald waters and you have an image of awe-inspiring beauty. In addition to these wonderful cities and landscapes is the watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages of Mekong Delta. Rich in rice-paddies and fish farms, this delta yields enough produce to nourish a country with a significant surplus. The Vietnamese themselves are wonderfully energetic, always smiling and courteous who all proudly show off their beautiful country.CambodiaJust west of Vietnam lies the equally-exquisite Kingdom of Cambodia. The chaotic yet fascinating capital of Phnom Penh offers radiant spires of the royal palace and in the setting of a stunning river-side locality it truly is one of the hidden gems of Asia. A short flight away lays Siem Reap which proposes the life and vibrancy for the temples of Angkor the city is on route to once again becoming the epicentre new Cambodia. At its peak in the 13th century Siem Reap had almost a million inhabitants and was home of the monumental Khmer empire which ruled much of modern Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, which has left a lasting legacy of artistry and sculptures which truly makes Angkor one of the great wonders of the world. So whether its a peaceful break, a bit of sight-seeing or just a hands-on history lesson your after Vietnam and Cambodia tours offers something for everyone of all ages.ResourceVietnam Cambodia tours from Australia|Cambodia tour packages from Australia</p>


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