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  • Top Ten International Summer Adventure Travel Deals

    Summer has arrived, and that means it's time to take a load off, get a change of pace and go on adventure travel. Times might be a little rough economically, but that hardly means you have to skip this year's! Here at AdventureLink Travel Deals, we've compiled a list of ten wonderful vacation locales from all around the world that will save you money and still make this year one to remember.

    1. Paris to Madrid Sightseeing Tour

    This casual, two-week stroll through Western Europe takes you through beautiful countryside, past gorgeous Roman aqueducts and onto sophisticated urban boulevards. You'll have innumerable opportunities for side-trips, allowing you to pick and choose the optional components to optimize your adventure travel and trip for you. Want to kayak down the Dordogne? Taste wine in Bordeaux? Hike the Pyrenees? Well then, this is clearly the trip for you.

    2. Ancient Inkas of Peru

    Starting in Lima, Peru, this trip leads you on a 9 days adventure travel, where you'll delve into the ruins of the ancient Inkan civilization. Traverse the Sacred Valley, Explore the Cathedral of Cuzco, and (of course) step inside the ancient walls of Machu Picchu. You can also opt in to special additional mini trips, such as horseback riding in the hills, to Cuzco's numerous museums, or to additional archeological sites. The level of cultural immersion you'll experience will be, simply put, incredible.

    3. Relaxing Mont Blanc Hike

    The French Alps are beautiful this time of year, and it's now more affordable than ever to take a adventure tours. While you're there, you might as well conquer the tallest mountain in Western Europe! Don't worry, this budget-priced, helpfully guided tour will make the whole endeavor a piece of cake. In 8 days, you'll find yourself exploring the Courmayeur, Planpincieux, Chamonix and other regions of the gorgeous range. Bon Voyage!

  • 4. Colombia Highlights

    Colombia is home to millions of people and innumerable treasures. This grand tour throughout the country will show you a great sampling of Colombia's best sides. You'll explore the adventure travel with local charm of Tolu, the history of Santa Marta, and the museums of Cartegena. Moreover, you'll see Bogota's numerous churches and plazas, as well as camp out in the extremely biodiverse Tayrona National Park.

    5. Turkish Coast Sailing Cruise

    If you're going to go on a cruise, you might as well sail. And if you're going to sail, you might as well go to Turkey! This adventure travel will take you on a one-week luxurious tour of Turkey's south coast, including Marmaris, Bencik, Symi Island, and Bozburun Bay. On your way, you'll have the opportunity to dine both in local organic markets and on your seaborne home, while admiring the beauty of the Mediterranean. At night, party with the locals in coastal towns, or look up at the constellations, as the ancients did.

    6. Thai Sailing Adventure Travel

    "The Land of the Smiles" is sure not to disappoint while you're on this tour. You'll begin by snorkeling in Koh Tao's crystal-clear turquoise waters before setting sail on a luxury catamaran, stopping off in Pha Ngan for a swim, and perhaps a drink. You'll continue on to Than Sadet beach, and then to a short hike to the beautiful waterfalls of Than Pradet. Finally, dance the night away in Pha Ngan's famous Full Moon party! And all in 4 days!

    7. The Baltics to Budapest: Sightseeing in Eastern Europe

    Not up to wade through London or Paris in the height of tourist season? The weather is wonderful in the Ukraine this time of year, and it's a fine time to explore the deeper, hidden Europe. The medieval castles of Kiev, the sumptuous palaces of Vilnius, and Soviet facades of Warsaw all beckon you onward! From the artistry of the Angel of Uzupis, to the tragic hell of Auschwitz, immerse yourself in the rich, untold story of Eastern Europe!

  • 8. Local Living & Trekking in the Dolomites

    The Dolomites are the rough and gorgeous crown of Italy. Perched atop the Northern border, they wait to be surmounted by the discerning mountaineer. Your guides will assist you through the trek, taking you through Rifugio Genova, Sass Putia and Cima Dodici Apostoli. Along the way, you'll stop for home-cooked, delectable meals with locals. If you're up for a walk, it's certainly worth it!

    9. Discover France Sightseeing Adventure Tours

    Starting in Paris, you'll discover the whole of what France has to offer, from the Louvre to Versailles, Notre Dame to Mont St.-Michel. Witness the D-Day beach bunkers at Bayeux, and feast at the markets of La Rochelle. France is a country rich in culture, history and art: you're certain not to be disappointed. Book today, while the weather is pleasant and the tickets are cheap!

    10. Mt. Kilimanjaro Group Trek

    Mt. Kilimanjaro may seem insurmountable, but with the help of your welcoming guides you'll find it completely manageable. The Marangu route is a tried-and-true way up Africa's tallest peak. Regardless, you'll feel like (and be!) a pioneer when you reach the summit. This seven-day trek will leave you exhausted, exhilarated and anything but normal. But, trust us, it's worth it. Book today, while the promotion lasts!