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Top 10 Digital Cameras

Top 5 travel gadgets gadgets

If youre a fan of both travel and technology, there are plenty of gadgets on the market to make your journeys easier.

Whether its technology to give you peace of mind about leaving your house unattended or the latest camera equipment to remember you trip with, weve got you covered!

Whats this all about?

5. Parrot Power PotHow many times have you gone on holiday and forgotten to remind the neighbour to water your plants?

The Power Pot has sensors which calculate when your plant needs watering and with how much. The built-in water supply can last up to a month!

4. August ConnectIf youve got an August smart lock, you can now control it from anywhere in the world. Plug August Control into a power outlet near your smart lock and it will allow you to control the device through Wi-Fi.

3. HTC ReHTCs Re camera has recently been updated at CES 2015 to support YouTubes live broadcast feature. Youll soon be able to share your holiday experience in real time on the web.

2. olloclips lenses olloclip has showcased a new telephoto with circular polariser lens and a new Macro 3-in-1 photo lens for the iPhone 6.

Both lenses are now available for purchase and an olloclip case for the iPhone 6 is set to follow in March.

1. Karma GoAlways have access to Wi-Fi with Karma Go, a prepaid wireless hotspot. The newest version of the device runs on the carriers fast LTE network.

The data you purchase for the device doesnt have an expiry date so you can use it whenever you need to.

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Top 5 travel gadgets