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  1. 1. Top 10 Thingsto Do In Phi PhiIsland in Thailand RepresentingThailandtourismworldwide throughthe uniqueimage of coral reefsandcrystal clear water,Phi Phi Islandsare an islandgroupbetweenthe large islandof Phuketandthe westStraitof Malacca Coastof the mainland.Beingthe partof Krabi Province,the beautiful islandparadise is famousforits large limestonerocksjuttingoutof the sea.In orderto explore the beautifulheaven like place,youneedtochoose the bestThailandtourpackagesfromBangalore orany othercity in India.Attractive andaffordable Thailandtour packages from Delhi are alsoavailable.Someof the bestthingsto dohere include,butnotlimitedto: Sunbath at Beaches Islandissurroundedbywaterandbeautiful beaches;youwill getthe chance of takingadvantagesof spendingtime insunbathtosoakup the sunon the beach.You will findagoodnumberof comfy beachchairs scatteredalongthe beachthat are leftthere byrestaurantownersor bars behindthem. It isone of the bestthingsto do to enjoythe charmof MotherNature. Explore Koh Phi Phi Lehand Maya Bay KohPhi Phi Leh isthe secondlargestislandinthe small Phi Phi Archipelagothathasbeenhosting onlyone beachsituated inMaya Bay became world-famousafterthe release in2000 of a
  2. 2. blockbustermovie withLeonardoDi Caprio - The Beach.It isfamousfor crystal clearwater,white sand,lushtropical vegetation.Youwillfinditthe bestof all inPhi Phi Islands. Go to PhiPhi ViewpointinMorning Spendingtime atPhi Phi Viewpointinthe morningisone of the bestthingsto doat thisisland paradise.Itsunusual shape like anH withitsmainvillage builtonthe horizontal bar,100m flat stripof sandstuck betweenDalumBaytothe north andTonsai Bay to the South.Thisamazing viewpointistothe eastof the flatstrip of sand andoverlookingthe villageandtwobays. Bamboo Island KohPhai in Thai or BambooIslandisone of the six islandsbelongingtothe Phi Phi Archipelagointhe southernThai Province of Krabi.Thisbeautifuldestinationis5km northeastoff KohPhi Phi Don that isa tropical dreamcome true.Thisislandissurroundedbya stripof white sand;while central partis coveredwithlushvegetationthatinclude bambootreestogive itsname tothe islandinitscentral part. It isideal forsnorkelingandvariouswatersportsactivities. InstantBook ThailandHoneymoonPackages - packages.html VikingCave
  3. 3. It isone of the notable sitesonKohPhi Phi Lehthat is locatedatthe bottomof a tall limestone cliff on the northeasternside of the island.Ittakesapprox 30 minutestogetthere bylong-tail boatfrom Tonsai Bay. Enjoy Divingin Phi Phi Divingisone of the mainactivitiesinPhi Phi Islandthatiscountedasthe bestthingto do.There are large numbersof professionalPADIDive Centersdispensingcourseslike DiscoverScubaDiving, Divemasterday tripsto manyworld-classdive sitestoa lotmore.SharkPoint,Anemone Reefand the KingCruiserWreckare mainattractionsto the westbetweenPhi Phi IslandandPhuket. Moo Dee Bay
  4. 4. AlsoknownasLoh Moo Dee inThai,Moo Dee Bayis knownforhosting500m longwhite sandbeach that isborderedbyemeraldwaters.Itissituatedonthe eastcoast of KohPhi Phi Don that isa perfectescape fromthe crowd.It isknownforofferingpleasantsnorkelingopportunities at both endsof the bay.You can hire long-tail boatsnearTonsai Jettythatwill take youtoMoo Dee. Rock Climbing Rock Climbingisthe bestadventure activitytodoinPhi Phi Island.There isnodenyingthe factthat Krabi Province isthe Mecca of Rock ClimbinginSouthernThailanddue totall limestone cliffs real natural landmarksof the province.There are differentlimestones cliffsinheightof 200 meters and more or lessare ideal toenjoythe real funof rock climbinghere. Shark Watching
  5. 5. Shark Watchingtoursare the most preferredandvital typesof toursthatyou will enjoyhereatPhi Phi Islands.The mostrenownedsite visitedforSharkwatchingisthe Small SharkPointlocated800 metersoff LongBeach. Cruising For partygoersandgroupsof friends,cruisingisthe bestoptiontoenjoy.Forhoneymooners,itis one of the bestromanticthingsto dohere.You will discovervariousattractionslikeMayaBay, MoneyBeach,Loh Samah, Wang LongCove,Pi-LehBayand a lotmore. Smart HolidayShop Makes Your Phi Phi Island Tours Memorable Smart HolidayShopisa renownedtravel agencyofferingyouattractive andaffordable ThailandPhi Phi Islandtourpackagesfrom Delhi andotherpartsof India.Youcan alsochoose the Best Thailand packages from Bangalore. There isa lot more to explore here thatissure toprovide yousome solid reasonsto explore ThailandwithSmartHolidayShop. For more information,please give a call: +91-7838398058 & info@smartholidayshop.comVisit Here InstantBook ThailandHoneymoonPackages - packages.html