Top 10 things to do with kids on hatteras island

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<ul><li> 1. Top 10 Things to do with Kids onHatteras Island</li></ul> <p> 2. Hatteras Island Hatteras Island on the outer banks. . .offersfamed beauty and wonderful vacation optionsfor families of all sizes Renting a vacation home on Hatteras Islandcan fit your entire family and give you thevacation of a lifetime 3. The Top 10 things to do with kids onHatteras Island#10: SAND CASTLES:The Hatteras Island sand is PERFECT for buildingthe castle of you childs dreams. Grab a bucketand a shovel and make a masterpiece! 4. #9: Fly A kiteThe Weather is almostalways perfect to fly akite. . .it is always agreat time for someonesfirst flight! 5. #8: Park Service ActivitiesThe national Park has programsfor kids of all ages 6. #7: Hermit Crab Races!Head to Scotch Bonnet Marina in thevillage of Frisco every Friday afternoonfrom mid-June to Labor Day for atrue Hatteras Island sport! Choose yourhermit crab and cheer it on as it raceswith the other crustaceans toward thefinish line 7. #6: Trip to Oracoke IslandGet in the family car and take a day tripto Ocracoke Island, via the free ferry fromHatteras Village. The ferry trip is fun in itself,and Ocracoke is a great place for a familyouting! See the wild ponies on your way tothe village, visit the Ocracoke Lighthouse, andlisten to tales of the infamous pirateBlackbeard 8. #5 Putt Putt Golf Waterfall Park in Rodanthe offers putt-puttand more; Uncle Eddys in Buxton is aminiature golf course and delicious ice creamshop; and Frisco Mini Golf and Go Karts is funthe whole family can get into! 9. #4 Fishing from a pier Pier fishing is so easy your child will be able toteach you how to do it! 10. #3 Rent a Bike and go for a ride! 11. #2 Visit the AquariumKids Love The North CarolinaAquarium on Roanoke Island theShark Tank puts them face to facewith the oceans fierce predator. . .And the touch tank lets them getup close and personal with gentlerspecies. . . A true hands onexperience! 12. #1 Pirate CruisePirate folklore has amazed kids forgenerations, and what better wayto live history than with a piratecruise with Hatteras own CapnClam!Set Sail on the 68 foot boat for aswashbuckling adventure 13. Example homes . . . 14. Top Ten things to do on Hatteras Island10. Take home a new pet a Hermit Crab!9. Go fly a kite Literally!8. Take a guided tour and learn the rich history of theOuter Banks and Hatteras island7. Go Surfing! Surf is Up!6. Get some Beach time 15. Top Ten things to do on Hatteras Island5. EAT! Hatteras Island has some of the best fresh seafood in theworld!4. Try something new Kayak, kiteboard, parasail so manyactivities to try3. Climb the lighthouse an exhilerating view that is worth thetrip7. Just go fishing: Cast a line from beach, the pier of from a boat1. Relax our most popular activity and what we are knownfor 16. Any Questions? Call us put our local knowedge to good usewed love to hear from you! (866) 348-8819</p>