Slovenia: Things to See and Do

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  • SloveniaWhat to see and do

  • The Guardian compiled severaltips for visiting the central

    European country of Slovenia.There's so much to take in!

  • EatFoodies and picky eaters unite!

  • Cafe Belvedere

    Located in the hills above LakeBledA favorite of former president JosipTitoIt has been fully restored andfeatures the old furniture for acharming vibe

  • GP Trojane

    Youre going to want to try a Trojane krof, a largekind of doughnutAlso get the soup with noodles and local sausages

  • ExploreGetting in touch with nature

  • Logarska Dolina

    Landscape Park

    Located near the Austrian borderFeatures a beautiful waterfallBe sure to bring a bike!

  • Bohinj Railway

    Train travel is a great way to get a scenictour of any countrysideGet a ticket to Nova GoricaThe route will take you through the Italiancountryside and the Sava River

  • LearnSoak in some history

  • Predjama Castle

    This is a must-see for history buffs13th century fortress built into the mouth of acaveHome to the legendary Ezram Passage

  • Radovljica

    This old town is home to a medieval squareAlso has several museums that celebrate thecountrys rich history and traditions