Inglise keel top 10 most haunted places in britain

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  • 1. Top 10 most haunted places inEnglandJekaterina Gortalova10-3 form

2. Highgate Cemetery, LondonBy night, Highgate Cemetery in London is like something out of a horrormovie. 3. Borley Rectory, EssexHis investigations led to the rectory being named The Most HauntedHouse in England. 4. Pendle Hill, LancashireIn 1612 ten so-called witches were hanged at Lancaster Castle and itssaid they still haunt the local area. 5. Red Lion, AveburyThe pub is situated inside Avebury stone circle - a World Heritage siteand the largest stone circle in Europe. 6. Ancient Ram Inn, Wotten-under-EdgeStories attached tothis creepy buildingare not for thefainthearted 7. Village of Pluckley, KentPluckley village has a reputation for being the most haunted village inBritain and it was actually named just that by the Guinness Book ofWorld Records in 1989. 8. Tower of London, London 9. Athelhampton House, Dorset 10. Woodchester Mansion, GloucestershireSome visitors to the mansion have been attacked by ghosts. 11. Berry Pomeroy Castle, near Totness,DevonThis 14th-century castle has 2 famous female ghosts; the White Lady andthe Blue Lady. 12. Used material 13. Thank you for attention!