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  • 1. ABOUT USCASA 1028 is the first Gourmet Tour Bus ofEcuador, which allows Panoramic Night Tours at OldTown Quito, while enjoying traditional appetizers anddrinks in the interior. CASA1028 was designed by a group ofprofessionals, thinking to give the opportunity to visitthe Old Town of Quito at night, in a safe andcomfortable atmosphere. Experience the flavors andtraditions of Quito and get to know the stories andlegends born from the Colonial time.

2. CASA1028 GOURMET TOUR BUS 3. OUR PRODUCT 4. ROUTE 5. OUR TOUR INCLUDES 6. ReservationsPhone numbers Quito- Ecuador(5932)6 035 143(5938)7 051021Skype: casa1028Twitter: