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  • 1. Thereare several places worth visiting in the world. Of course everyones choice for going on a tour may be different and they choose accordingly no doubt. Also they tourists need to have the knowhow about the place to enjoy it to the full Continue Reading

2. It is not easy for people to gather information of a place that is literally unknown to them even after searching the books and browsing the net. Only the people who know about the place and its significance can assist the tourist to know about the place. To enjoy the tour to the full it is vital to know what the significance of the place. Why not go on a tour through some tourist packages then. Continue Reading 3. Among the list of the popular places visited by the tourists Andaman and Nicobar Islands finds a place. It is a remote place and most of the islands are uninhabited. It is natural therefore that not many people will know about it much. It has a lot to offer by way of tourism to the visitors but to explore every nook and corner without the knowledge is difficult for an outsider Continue Reading 4. The locals will know about the significance but not every visitor can contact the locals. For all the visitors to benefit and enjoy the places this kind of information has to be passed on to them. This work is done by the travel companies. They do a lot more than just pass on the information about the Andaman Islands. Continue Reading 5. They actually arrange Andaman tourism packages which comprise of a few days and nights. The tourists can choose the one that fits their budget and suits them the best.Going with a touring agency to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands has other benefits also. It is safe to be with a group when in an unknown territory. Continue Reading 6. Also the travel companies arrange for hotel room bookings, travel tickets and also for any other arrangements needed during their stay. A five day four night package or a six day five night package or any other can be chosen. These packages are arranged for the benefit of different groups too. Some packages are arranged for the families and they include activities for the children. Continue Reading 7. A few of the packages are arranged for the young and the activities that are preferred by the youth are included in it. Andaman Nicobar packages also consist such separate packages. They are reasonable too and for the ones traveling on a budget it is an ideal choice to go on an exploration of the islands Continue Reading 8. The visitors will get to see the flora and fauna, the beaches, other monuments of historic importance. They can enjoy the adventures and the activities under the guidance of the locals and the guides. They can get the maximum entertainment by doing so too. The visitors are benefited by this arrangement a lot and may wish to come back again. Of course the memories of the visit will remain with them for a long time to come.