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7 Haunted Places In & Around Jodhpur

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  • 7 Haunted Places In & Around Jodhpur

    Rajasthan is a state full of wonders. Not only does it enthrall tourists with its beautiful palaces

    but it is an abode of Indias most haunted places as well. Jodhpur, the famous Sun City is a

    strategic location to experience spooky. Not only the palace hotels in Jodhpur will tell you loads

    of scary ancient tales of its Maharajas and Maharanis, but the citys fantastic location makes it

    easily accessible to some amazing top rated haunted places in Rajasthan which you must visit if

    you are a true dare devil

    Rana Kumbh Palace of Chittorgarh

    Legend has it that Rani Padmini and her 700

    followers indulged in the act of self-immolation

    (Jauhar) in hope of saving their empire from

    attack by Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi.

    Today, there are sighting of half burned females

    in the palace and female voices asking for help!

    National Highway 79, Near Village Dudu

    The Ajmer-Udaipur Highway is known as the most

    haunted route in Rajasthan. A long time ago, when

    child marriage was still prevalent is India, a 3

    months old infant girl was to be married to a 3-year-

    old boy. Her mother opposed the act but was

    silenced. She took the baby and ran away but got hit

    by a car on NH 79. Today, an image of a woman in

    white saree carrying a baby is often spotted here!


  • Kuldhara Village

    Only a 5 and half hours drive to the west of

    Jodhpur, you must make a trip to this village from

    your 5-star hotels in Jodhpur City to experience

    complete spookiness. The whole village is barren

    today as if no life existed over there ever, and

    also pleading voices of villagers still reverberate


    Nahargarh Fort

    This ancient fort with sky-high walls

    overlooking the Pink City, Jaipur was built by

    Sawai Raja Man Singh for his queens. He was

    so fond of this beautiful fort that even today

    he haunts its alleys to look after it himself!


    The resemblance of witches roaming about on

    the streets of Jagatpura with that of our classic

    old haunted Indian movies is uncanny. Spirits

    clad in white with long hair falling on their face

    walking on the streets night after night asking

    for help is a scene you wont forget ever. But

    whats more spooky is that this place is still a

    residential area and villagers live amongst spirits

    in harmony!


  • Bhangarh Fort

    You must pack your bags from Jodhpurs hotel

    and take a day-long trip to this amazing fort for

    it is a must visit in Rajasthan for a daring soul.

    Listed amongst top 10 haunted places in the

    world, there is not a single person who has

    survived a night alive, a reason for which even

    Indian Government has prohibited entering its

    premises after sundown and before sunrise.

    Brijraj Bhawan, Kota

    It is a tale from British Reign when Major Burton

    used to be a soldier here. Though his ghost is

    harmless, it does smack sleeping security guards

    on duty! Quite a dedicated soldier, isnt he?

    Jodhpur is a safe place but its location makes it perfect to take trips to some haunted

    destinations and tease your daring soul! So, enjoy authentic delicacies at restaurant Jodhpur,

    shop for traditional outfits here, buy authentic Jodhpuri jutis, enjoy a leisure stay and then get

    ready for a spooky trip around Rajasthan, for its a must!