zed Vendor Portal for SAP Business One

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zed Vendor Portal for SAP Business One


zed Vendor PortalnounA web-based solution that provides vendors with secure and flexible self-service access to SAP Business One.

Strengthen Supply Chain RelationshipsMake it easy for organizations to do business with you. Reduce time consuming inquiries by allowing vendors to access real-time data from your SAP Business One application

CompleteOut of Box SolutionEnsure vendors have all the information they need by giving them self-service access to the business data you choose to share with them

Customizable ReportsThe easy-to-use interface includes drag and drop columns, pivot tables, filters, and document drill-downs

Data Level SecurityControl what information your vendors can see. Provide your vendors with access to only the SAP Business One query report data that you want to share with them

Save Time and MoneyEmpower vendors with the analysis tools they need to service themselves and meet their business requirements without having to reach out to your staff

KIC GroupCompany BackgroundWheel end providerHeadquartered in Vancouver, Washingtonkic-group.com ChallengesManaging longer supply chain logistics and lead timesManually gathering and updating data from vendors all over the worldDelays in production due to information exchange delays between KIC and its vendors Solution SAP Business One allows KIC to connect all areas of the business and remove information siloszed Vendor Portal allows vendors update item statuses directly in KICs SAP Business One application through an easy-to-use website. Benefits Steady and manageable growth with a scalable solutionStreamlined business operations to grow the company without additional overhead costsEasily manage overseas vendors with automatic updates in a vendor portalAccurate, real-time reports on vendor performanceLearn more. Read our full KIC Success Story. Read the Success Story >>Click Here

Read more about the zed Vendor PortalDiscover how companies can simplify their business processes and create stronger relationships with their vendors.

Click on the button below to read more aboutthe self-service features and benefits of zed Employee Portal:Watch the zed Employee Portal Demo >>

Test Drive zed Vendor PortalGet a hands-on look at what your vendors would see. Use the login information provided on the screen and get instant access to experience the power of zed Vendor Portal first-hand.

Click on the button below to test drive zed Vendor Portal:Test Drive zed Vendor Portal >>

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