Wordpress Backups, Automated and Secure

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Learn how to automate your Wordpress backups so you never have to worry about a hacked or corrupt site again.

Text of Wordpress Backups, Automated and Secure

  • 1.Back That APP Up Backing Up Wordpress

2. I am Ross Johnson @3pointRoss 3. What should I backup? 4. DATABASE All your content, categories, settings, etc... THEME FILES changes in styling, custom themes, etc... PLUGINS UPLOADSimages, documents, videos, etc... 5. Build in Backup 6. This updates...DATABASE CONTENTPosts / pagesCategories / tagsCommentsUsersEtc... A lot is missing... 7. So we use these plugins Wordpress DB Backup http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-db-backup/ Wordpress Backup http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-backup/ 8. This updates...DATABASEAll your content,PLUGINScategories, settings, etc...THEME FILESUPLOADSchanges in styling, custom images, documents,themes, etc... videos, etc... 9. And it is e-mailed to you weekly 10. Use a dedicated free Gmail account to collect backups... Anthony Montalbano Pro Wordpress Tip 11. Advanced Option 12. Your site Vaultpress Servers 13. Thank ya! http://www.37designs.com http://3.7crea.tv http://stylizedweb.com http://workshop.37designs.com @3PointRoss