Visibility and Control in the Cloud

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Visibility and Control in the Cloud: How to get your boss comfortable with AWS

AGENDAWhy are organisations moving to AWS?What it takes to maximise the Cloud opportunityThe AWS Adoption JourneyThe 5 steps to achieving organisation-wide visibility and control of AWSHow does CloudMGR help?

Why Visibility and Control are essential for maximising the benefits of AWS ?

Implementing AWS does not automatically mean improvements to speed, agility or cost savings without adequate management

Cost Savings


The right choice of CloudVisibility and ControlEfficiencyInnovation

Implementing AWS does not automatically provide an organisation with the benefits of cost savings speed, agility, efficiency and innovation.

In our experience, these benefits are achieved gradually as organisations move through the stages of their Cloud adoption journey.

Perhaps more important to realising the full range of benefits that full-scale cloud adoption offers is getting visibility and control of your Cloud environment at each stage

ExploreAdoptExpandTransformTHE AWS ADOPTION JOURNEY

Visibility & Control

The phases of the AWS Adoption Journey.

Briefly describe the phases including mentioning that at the explore stage due to the limited adoption and usage visibility and control does not present a significant organisational challenge.

Develop a visibility frameworkMove culture from CAPEX to OPEXCreate a governance structureBuild self service capabilityTap into the partner ecosystem5 REQUIREMENTS FOR VISIBILITY AND CONTROL

Today were going to look at 5 specific visibility and control requirements that apply at various stages of the AWS adoption journey.

These requirements arise progressively


Use tools to bring visibility to Cloud consumption:AWS ConsoleAWS APIThird party billing and cost management tools

Standardise which services are used so that business units can build on and adapt them

Control Shadow IT


One of the first Challenges that organisations experience in the adopt stage, as the usage of AWS first starts to spread from small, easy to control test environments to wider scale adoption is to work out, what is actually running?

TAP INTO THE PARTNER ECOSYSTEMUse partner tools to simplify:Billing and cost managementSetting up a self service portalPerforming optimisation tasks

2Technology PartnersLeverage the consulting partner network to:Perform migration tasksDevelop governance practicesOutsource service management

Consulting Partners

Tapping into the partner network can be valuable at all stages of the Adoption Journey.AWS has the largest and most sophisticated partner network of any public cloud platform. Within the partner ecosystem there is a lot of expertise that organisations can tap into in order to accelerate the pace of their Cloud adoption. Different types and different levels of partner services are applicable based on the unique characteristics of an organisation as well as their level of Cloud adoption.Early on the Cloud journey [customer example of how a partner is useful]Later as organisations expand their AWS adoption. [customer example of how a partner is useful]In fact for each of the 5 requirements we discuss today, partners can be the fastest way to achieve the necessary requirements so as to unlock the full benefits of the Cloud.

MOVE FROM A CAPEX TO OPEX CULTURE3CAPEX has been the main business budgeting mechanism for IT

OPEX requires a change in thinking from IT and Finance:

Comfort with distributed access Resource responsibility beyond ITAvoid out of sight, out of mind thinking

A major jumping off point, generally at the Expand stage, is moving from a CAPEX to an OPEX Culture: The capital expenditure (CAPEX) accounting approach has traditionally been the primary mechanism for IT budgeting for most companies, but a transition to the operating expenses approach (OPEX) does provide certain benefits.CAPEX Approach: Capital expenses are costs expended to obtain benefits that continue over a long period, rather than being exhausted immediately or short term. OPEX Approach: Ongoing costs for running a system, product or service fall under OPEX. Any process that involves a daily expense is an operating expense, including payroll, marketing, research and development. OPEX Advantage: Usage of AWS for cloud services isnt a perfect fit for the capital expenditures approach to accounting. While CAPEX may work for hardware, like PCs and servers, treating cloud computing costs as an operating expense is more logical from an accounting standpoint. However, making the switch requires a change in thinking for your IT and Finance departments. Its important to get buy-in from both units so theyre comfortable with distributed access to the environment and can help promote responsible consumption

CREATE A GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE4Maintain compliance with best practices, corporate governance requirements and security by corporate users and service providers:Develop a usage and control policyControl risk with Cloud governance Manage access and permissionsReview compliance via regular audits

Critical to success at the expand stage is creating an appropriate Governance StructureOrganizations must implement best practices for corporate governance requirement and security, for all organization users and service providers.Develop a Usage & Control Policy: All employees must abide by usage and control rules that you set in place for cloud services, including those for shadow IT and IT-deployed systems.Manage Access: A strict permissions policy, including password protocol, ensures that you have control over access to the AWS cloud.Conduct Regular Audits: Review compliance with usage and access policies by conducting audits within the organization. Also, make sure all employees are aware that audits will be conducted for better performance and accountability.

BUILD SELF SERVICE CAPABILITY5Give teams controlled access to manage their own resources:On demand accessAutomation toolsCost control mechanisms

Self services gives teams the agility to experiment and be innovative

In order to experience the transformational benefits of the later stages of Cloud adoption, organizations need to build Self-Service Capability: Self service provide different divisions within your organization controlled access to AWS to manage their own systems. Self-service capability gives your team the assurances they need to be innovative and experimental in development.On Demand Access: Make sure that your employees have access to AWS on an as-needed basis, so they have the required resources available when needed.Automation Tools: Automating certain routine tasks frees up time that staff can apply to other projects that require their attention.Cost Control Mechanisms: Within AWS, you can implement cost control mechanisms that ensure proper self-service usage.

Develop a visibility frameworkHOW DOES CLOUDMGR HELP?Create a central control Dashboard

Cloud Dashboards on what is running where !

Insights with Actions

Move from CAPEX to OPEX cultureHOW DOES CLOUDMGR HELP?Chargebacks and Cost Centers

Enhanced billing and cost management lets users:

Assign products and resources to Cost Centers within your businessAutomatically apply markups and bill customers for accounts you manageMonitor, compare and budget resource use by internal or external customersEasily set billing and budget alerts

Build self service capabilityHOW DOES CLOUDMGR HELP?CloudMGRWhite Label

Your Cloud Your Way

Service Provider Model

- Customer or Partner Model- Your Brand- Your BundleCorporate Model

- Business Unit- User Role- Customised to meet user and Biz requirements

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