Vidcasting: Screencasts for mobile video-enabled devices

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Slides from vidcasting session at Computers in Libraries 2008


  • 1. VIDCASTING screencasts for mobile video- enabled devices
  • 2. TYPES OF INSTRUCTION IN ACADEMIC LIBRARIES One shot session Embedded Librarian (several sessions or team teaching) Online only Hybrid - Online and In person
  • 3. WHY PODCAST INSTRUCTION? Instruction can be done over a period of weeks rather than in just in one session Students can view at any time even on the go Students can review previous instruction sessions Technology more appealing to them
  • 4. HISTORY RESEARCH CLASS INSTRUCTION SPRING 2007 (HOW WE FIRST STARTED) One shot session with additional screencast tutorials through Blackboard Vista Screencasts helpful, but students needed a way to ask questions after viewing Some students preferred having audio added to screencasts Short answer quizzes would have been better than multiple choice