Using Workforce Data and Technology to Engage Prospects

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Community Systems CEO Ben Wright is joined by Andrew Postell, Vice President with EMSI, to discuss "Using Workforce Data and Technology to Engage Prospects."


<ul><li> 1. 1USING WORKFORCE DATA ANDTECHNOLOGY TO ENGAGE PROSPECTSSmarter Software for CommunitiesDecember 9, 2014</li></ul> <p> 2. 2Your hostsBen WrightCEO,Community SystemsAtlas HermanSenior Project ManagerCommunity Systemsnickh@communitysys.comAndrew PostellVice President, SalesEMSIapostell@economicmodeling.comDavid StinnetteBusiness DevelopmentCommunity 3. 3Our mission: To powerintelligent location decisions. 4. 4By powering the worlds best economic developmentwebsites, GIS, and prospect response systems. 5. 5This includes: 6. 6Data, technology, and agencypartners this requires: 7. 7USING WORKFORCE DATA AND TECHNOLOGYTO ENGAGE PROSPECTSSmarter Software for Communities 8. 8Questions we will answer today:1. What are the top criteria for site selection today?2. How do site selectors and prospects find this information?3. What workforce data is available that can drive location decisions?4. What is the best way to deliver that data to site selectors andprospects?5. Q+A 9. 9Trends in business locationdecisions: Information companies have gathered has remainedrelatively constant The time frame they are making decisions in hasbecome dramatically shorter Companies have cash to make investments now andthey are doing so. Deal flow has been very high the lasttwo years 10. 10Top drivers of companyrelocation today:Driver # of Mentions PercentageGrowth/Access to21 31%MarketsLower Costs 14 21%Labor/Talent 11 16%Real Estate 6 9%Transportation/Logistics 6 9%Quality of Life/Amenities 3 4%Be Closer to Suppliers 2 3%Unions 1 1%Separate from HQ 1 1%Incentives 1 1%Investment Partnership 1 1% 11. 11Most important factors in rankinglocations:Factor % ImportantAbility to recruit workforce 86.4%Access to technical/scientific workforce 83.3%Low overall cost of doing business 69.6%Pro-business tax/regulatory climate 62.5%Financial incentives from communities 62.1%Access to senior management talent 59.1%Proximity to a research university 54.5%Access to national or international air service 53.6%Quality or fit of specific real estate 53.6%Quality of life for employees 50.0% 12. 12How do prospects and siteselectors find this information?Source % ImportantThird party national data sources 88.9%Past experience with other deals 85.2%Site visits (familiarization tours) 81.5%Existing relationships with economic development officials 77.8%Community websites 61.5%News stories about communities 59.3%Word of mouth from your peers 48.1%Existing relationships with local real estate community 42.3%National conferences 33.3%Social media/social networks 32.0%Calls from local officials 29.6%Trade magazines 7.4% 13. 13WHAT DATA IS AVAILABLE TO HELPPROSPECTS MAKE DECISIONS? 14. 14What data is available that relates toworkforce from Community Systems?Demographic, Degrees Occupations,Business, Workforce Conferred Wages DataBusiness Location, Workforce Data UnionsEmployment, Revenue 15. 15Who is EMSI? Economic firm 117 employees, US and UK Located in Moscow, ID Established in 2001 Acquired by CareerBuilder 2012 16. 16We provide granular data to the zip code level:IndustriesOccupationsEducationWhat does EMSI Do? 17. 17Who does EMSI Work with?Higher EducationWorkforce ServicesEconomic DevelopmentPrivate SectorConsultants 18. 18Why EMSI Data?1. Unsuppressed LMI data2. Self-employed &amp; sole proprietorships3. MSA, County, ZIP codes for nation4. Quarterly updates5. Complete Data set 19. 19How EDOs Use EMSIEconomic development plansBusiness or industry recruitmentEvaluate performing industriesEvaluate current industry mix 20. 20WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DELIVER THIS DATA TOSITE SELECTORS AND PROSPECTS?Smarter Software for Communities 21. 21Scenario: Initial prospect locationsearch for a data center1. A Business Developer is on a call with a prospect, on anintroductory phone call.2. The Business Developer asks prospect what they are lookingfor in terms of properties land to build a data center.3. The Prospect asks: We will need very specialized technicalworkforce. Can you show me properties that are data centercertified, near a technology school?4. The business developer produces that information within 15seconds.5. The prospect then asks and what they will need to pay forFiber Optic Central Office Installers.6. The Business Developer produces a report within 10seconds that answers that question. 22. 22HOW INNOVATIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPERS AREUSING GIS TODAYSmarter Software for Communities 23. 23Digital Economic Developers Use TheirWebsite and GIS Property Database as AConversion Tool to Have RealConversations 24. 24Digital Economic Developers Have a Vision for theFuture, and They Are Practical About Finding TimeSaving Ways to Get there.The Industry Can Choose aDisorganized Set of Disparate SystemsOr a Coordinated Set of Systems, OptimizedWebsite AnalyticsCRM, ProspectResponsesGIS and DataManagementBusinessRetentionfor Economic Development 25. 25Digital Economic Developers Make Their DigitalInitiatives an Organizational Imperative.WebsiteAnalyticsCRM, ProspectResponsesGIS and DataManagementBusinessRetention1. If your staff works on a commonplatform, designed to optimallycreate, publish and manage contentefficiently2. And that system is designed toconvert casual browsers into realprospects3. That you can respond to quickly andwith built in property data,demographics, in a secureenvironment4. And management can review theprogress of the team with real timeanalytics 26. 26WHAT NEW THINGS IS THE COMMUNITY SYSTEMSTEAM WORKING ON?Smarter Software for Communities 27. 27The Worlds best mobile first User Experience for GIS 28. 28That Can Also Work for the World that Still uses DesktopComputers or Laptops 29. 29Generating 4x the Leads for Business DevelopersPropertyDetails CreateSaved ItemsCreate LeadsDataSnapshotsCreateInterestLeads Staff ContactInformationDrives Leads 30. 30More Data, More Reporting Tools forResearchers 31. 31Tools that Drive the Worlds Best Digital EconomicDevelopment OrganizationsWebsiteAnalyticsCRM, ProspectResponsesGIS and DataManagementBusinessRetention 32. 32Q+A 33. 33Thank you and stay in touch!Smarter Software for Communities929 BroadwayDenver, CO 80203Contact: Ben Wrightt: 720.420.3800 x </p>


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