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  • Welcome to ED572: Action Research II (Capstone Course)

    Instructor: Dr. Francisco BrizuelaSeminar for Unit 1

  • Welcome!Welcome to ED572: Action Research (Capstone Course)!Instructor: Dr. Francisco BrizuelaContact Information: Email: frbizuela@kaplan.edu Home: 305-735-8248

  • In addition to working as an adjunct professor for Kaplan University, I am also an Assistant Professor at Graceland UniversityI have taughtA Little About Me

  • Unit 1: Reviewing & Revising Action Research Project from ED512Unit 2: Implementing MethodsUnit 3: Collecting DataUnit 4: Analyzing DataUnit 5: SeminarUnit 6: Conclusions PaperUnit 7: SeminarUnit 8: Final Action Research ProjectUnit 9: Presenting a PowerPoint of Presentation of Action Research Discussion BoardUnit 10: Wrap-Up of ED572Unit Topics

  • Total Possible Points (1000 pts)

    Unit 1-

    Unit 2-

    Unit 3-

    Unit 4-Data Analysis Paper (225 pts)Unit 5-Unit 6-Conclusions Paper (225 pts)Unit 7-

    Unit 8-Action Research Project (350 pts)Unit 9-Discussion Board PowerPoint Presentation (200 pts)Unit 10-

  • A course calendar to keep up with assignment due dates and when seminars are heldThorough explanations of upcoming assignments.Prompt responses to any questions by email or phone (emailing me is always better due to my schedule).Support and guidance at all times.

    What can you expect from me?

  • Your best effort on all assignments.Submission of all assignments ON TIME.Keep me informed of any problems you are having understanding assignments or meeting deadlines.

    What do I expect from you?

  • Data Analysis Paper (due at the end of Unit 4) worth 225 pointsConclusions Paper (due at the end of Unit 6) worth 225 pointsAction Research Project Paper (due at the end of Unit 8) worth 350 pointsPowerPoint Presentation Posted in Discussion Board (due in unit 9) worth 200 pointsFour Major Assignments in This Course

  • Seminars will only be held in the following units for this course:Unit 1Unit 3Unit 5Unit 7Each will be held on Monday evenings from 9:00pm to 10:00pm (Eastern Time Zone).Seminars for This Course

  • Things to doUNITS 1 & 2

  • For Unit 1Make sure you have completed the following before moving onto Unit 2 items:Read over the Course Syllabus thoroughly. Read over all Announcements posted under Course Home.Familiarize yourself with Major Course Assignments.Read over Introduction & Key Concepts for Unit 1.Email a copy of your Action Research Proposal from ED512 .

  • Start on the following for Unit 2 which begins tomorrow:Read over the Introduction & Key Concepts for Unit 2.There will be no seminar next Monday.Start carrying out your action research data collection work (sending out surveys to all classmates & interview questions to 3 classmates).For Unit 2..

  • Planning & Creating a Timeline for Data Collection

  • Unit 2: Send out surveys by email to all your classmates.Unit 3: Select 3 of your classmates to send your interview questions to for completion.Unit 4: Collect and organize data for Data Analysis Paper to submit at the end of unit.Timeline for Data Collection

  • Calculating DataData Analysis Paper

  • You may have a computer program that you are familiar with or have access to that will keep up with the responses to your survey questions. If you do, thats great. If not, you do have other options.Data Collection for Survey Responses

  • I would keep a tally sheet as the surveys came in and simply tally their answers. Its easy to calculate percentages based on total number of participants. Lets say I had a total of 25 people respond to my survey. I would simply divide the number of responses in each block by 25 which would give me a percentage of how many feel that way. The example below shows 8 respondents strongly agreed which is 32% with Q1 and 15 agreed which is 60% and 2 disagreed which is 8%. I can safely assume from this data that the majority of respondents agree with this question. Data Collection Sheet for Survey Responses (Manually)

    1-strongly agree2-agree3-undecided4-disagree5-strongly disagreeQuestion 18/25=32%5/25= 60%0%II 2/25= 8%0%Question 2Question 3Question 4Question 5Question 6

  • The responses to your interview questions will be in note format or anecdotal records. This will help you in analyzing the answers to the survey questions with deeper meaning and further explanation. You might be able to give insight to why respondents have certain feelings about certain topics. Look for trends and commonalities in the responses that you can discuss.Data Collection for Interview Responses

  • We will go over the format of your Data Analysis Paper. Right now just focus on getting those surveys and interview questions out to your classmates and collecting the data. There will be no seminar next week which gives you two weeks to get your surveys and 3 interviews completed. When we meet again, you will only have to focus on putting it into the format of the paper. The next seminar..

  • Microsoft Office 2003 or later versionMicrosoft Office WordMicrosoft Office PPPDo not use: wpm, RTF, Works or any other format that is not compatible with Microsoft Office.Appropriate Format

  • If you do not have any further questions, you may dismiss for the evening.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns:fbrizuela@kaplan.edu