Top ten websites to test internet speed online

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<ul><li> 1. Thousands of people who are using Internet and want to test or check their own Internetspeed and cant find the right tools online for this purpose, then this post will help them tocheck their Internet connection speed by using these top ten online tools. All of these areeasy as well as free to use, no need for installing any software on computer. Just visit thesewebsites and check out your own Internet connection. Below is screenshot of my Internetspeed tested by one of these below sites.Here is list of top ten online tools for checking Internet speed for free :1. Speed TestThe top most and one of the best online tool that is used by millions of Internet users to testtheir downloading as well as upload data transfer rate. Also this tool allows you to checkoutyour Internet protocol address ( IP address).2. Ping TestAwesome online speed meter that will give information about your Internet speed based onyour location. It is also one of the recommended tool for testing Internet speed.3. Test Internet SpeedOne of the best website to check out the performance of your Internet connection.4. Speed.ioYou can easily checkout Internet speed by using this free online tool. It will tell youdownloading and upload data transfer rate in few seconds.5. Bandwidth PlaceThis tool has good and best features from the other online tools as it has more options withtesting Internet connection speed.6. Airtel Speed Test</li></ul> <p> 2. This tool is mostly best for Indian Internet users to test out their Internet speed as Airtel is onof the best Internet service provider all over the India. You can also check out Internet speedeven if you are not from India.7. Intel Speed TestAs Intel is most popular computer company with millions of its users. It also allow you tocheck your Internet connection speed.8. Cnet Speed TestAnother top and awesome tool by Cnet to test out your Internet connection speed.9. Testmy.netThis is powerful Internet tool that will allow you to test your Internet speed within few secondsand after that you can see the test result.10. McAfee Speed TestWith providing the best antivirus for computers, McAfee also allows you to test Internetspeed. Through its speed meter you can checkout real Internet speed in real time easily.</p>