Top LMS Implementation Tips

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10 top tips to implementing an LMS (learning management system) from global e-learning and LMS specialists, Kineo.


<ul><li> 1. Ten Top Tips onImplementing Your LMSAndy Wooler</li></ul> <p> 2. Tip 1 - Involve IT from Day 1 Even if you have gone for a hosted or SaaS solution. Lots to check and review: 1. Desktop how is their PC setup, what browserversions, Java, Flash, Adobe Acrobat, sound cards etc 2. Firewalls and proxy servers they need to get out of theinfrastructure to wherever you LMS is hosted 3. Security standards you will need to consider the standards forpasswords, access controls, data security and much more. 4. Data Protection issues that may arise from your decision on wherethe LMS is hosted 5. Penetration and performance testing trust me, your IT team willhave a view on this! 3. Tip 2 - Understand the business requirementand meet it!Requirements gathering up front is one of the mostimportant tasks.All successful implementations have a clear link tomeeting the needs of the business. 4. One of the most importantTip 3 things you can do is invest in training.Make sure you have Understanding how you canbudget to train your change the User Interfaceown implementation yourself will pay dividendsteam later on. You need to have enough people who know the system inside out and ensure that any skills you gain are transferred. 5. Tip 4 A serious way to Also a good way toRun a proofdiscover for test out some ofof concept yourself if thebusiness needs with your tool will actually whilst also testingshort listed deliver what the compatibility with vendors RFP response your network said it would! infrastructure. 6. Tip 5 - Reference visitsSeek out your own from the vendors client list.Seek out customers through your PLNs (Personal LearningNetworks)A quick tweet may get you a reference site your vendorwould prefer you didnt meet! 7. Tip 6Get an active sponsor.The CEO may be great as a sponsor but may beless valuable if they are inactive. Seek an activesponsor who will help build support for theproject. 8. Tip 7People out in the businessFind your champions who will help you spreadthe message are veryimportant and will help toestablish the businessrelationships you will needfor success. 9. Tip 8 Employ an ExpertFirst LMS?Find someone who has the T-Shirt.Ideally the video sequel as well! 10. Tip 9 Win hearts and mindsGet trainers involved by ensuring they aretrained on how to use the trainerfunctions on the LMS. Use this as anopportunity to upskill them in how tomanage on-line training activities such asasynchronous chats and discussionforums. 11. Tip 10Have some kind Remember - of governance deploying aGovernance board to ensure centrally mandated consistency inproject requires approach. lots of buy-in from lots of people. 12. Thank </p>