The Wizards Behind Google Apps: 11 Google Apps Setup Tips for Admins by Admins

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Moving to Google Apps can be a daunting task. Luckily Backupify gathered some Google Apps "Wizards" together to offer their best practice advice. This presentation walks through 11 helpful Google Apps setup tips for new admins just getting started or for more established admins looking to learn a few new tricks of the trade from their peers.


  • 2. New to the world of Google Apps? Or perhaps you just need a few expert admin tips to help keep your domain running as smoothly as possible. Our Google Apps wizards are here to offer helpful tips and tricks, so.simply follow them down the yellow brick road!
  • 3. Data Migration Google provides a number of automated options to migrate data from various applications. Were not in Kansas anymore
  • 4. When we went live we moved mail, calendar, and contacts with the Google GAMME tool. We ran full migration testing ahead of time and cleaned up issues found with bad attachments or corrupt meetings so the actual data migration was not really a problem. Justin Gale Blogger/IT Strategist/ITArchitect, Bombardier Recreational Products 1
  • 5. Data migration is a one of the single biggest barriers to customers moving to the cloud. My recommendation is to acquire the services of a trusted Google Apps partner to assist in your migration and deployment. Fintan Murphy CEO and Co-founder, Damson Cloud 2
  • 6. Account Sync An important early task is synchronizing your accounts. The most popular way to handle this is with Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS). Follow the yellow brick road
  • 7. The initial configuration is slightly complicated but once its running, it works brilliantly. In a very short period of time, you can replicate your local user accounts and passwords on your Google Apps domain. Karl Rivers Network Manager, Biddenham International School 3
  • 8. We use cloud-based identity management service Okta and were able to easily sync Active Directory with Okta. We set up a new user in Active Directory, which syncs to Okta and then provisions everything in Google Apps. It runs smoothly. Melanie Masterson Senior ITAdministrator, Marin Software 4
  • 9. Data Security Even though your companys data resides in Google Apps, you should still take steps to ensure your data is safe. No place like home
  • 10. We updated our Information and Communications Security (ICT) policies and educated our users about data protection responsibilities, such as which data is appropriate to store online and which is not. Karl Rivers Network Manager, Biddenham International School 5
  • 11. We use a combination of native reports, applications, APIs and third-party tools to help find and scope security related concerns we may have. Justin Gale Blogger/IT Strategist/ITArchitect, Bombardier Recreational Products 6
  • 12. I manage data security by focusing on security before features. Preventing users from using features that would sync Google Drive to PCs/Macs or limiting outside sharing can be annoying, but sometimes that might be the most realistic approach to safeguarding your data. Kevin McGrail President, Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation 7
  • 13. If I only had a brain Control Panel Through the Control Panel, you can manage all Google Apps services from one central location including email lists and user accounts.
  • 14. Step one is to clearly define who the administrator is in your organization. The control panel is a critical tool and needs to be managed carefully. Establishing a Change Advisory Board to approve any change in the control panel is a good idea. Using APIs to automate all non-value added tasks like user and group lifecycles is also a time saver. Benoit Flama Group Google Apps Manager 8
  • 15. The first thing to do is to customize the interface. Drag all the icons up then arrange them in order of your frequency of use. The second key tip is to periodically go through the new Administrative Panel and check the settings and options on everything - especially if you havent used it yet. Justin Gale Blogger/IT Strategist/ITArchitect, Bombardier Recreational Products 9
  • 16. Somewhere over the rainbow Reports The built-in report function lets you monitor how Google Apps is being used and which areas might require additional user training.
  • 17. I like to see the collaboration report. Knowing that our users are collaborating more is good. Also, I receive a monthly document report to see which documents have been shared outside our organization or publicly. This allows me to ensure there havent been any security breaches of our data. Fintan Murphy CEO and Co-founder, Damson Cloud 10
  • 18. I frequently use the Email Log report, which helps me locate a sender or recipients missing messages and I can then figure out if its a Google Apps issue or something else. Melanie Masterson Senior ITAdministrator, Marin Software 11
  • 19. For more Google Apps tips from Google Apps admins, download the complete eBook The Wizards behind Google Apps