Testing automation on Android using BitBar

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"Testing solutions on Android" presentation delivered by Jouko Kaasila, during Android Aalto community keynote #3. More information: http://androidaalto.org/

Text of Testing automation on Android using BitBar

  • 1.Test tools for Android applica1ons

2. What problem are we solving? 3. Hung phone, Real junk, Never able to log Doesnt work half in! Uninstalling drains power although installed of the 1me HTC (Inspire) would not run Galaxy S Evo Why is it important? Does not work on Motorola Zoom I cannot get this Xperia X10 - There seems to program to Widget doesnt be more bugs uninstall update and than before crashes all the Could not update 1me connect using my Incredible 4. Testdroid Recorder An Eclipse plugin that automates the manual tasks of wri1ng tests for Android applica1ons What is our solu1on? Testdroid Server A server soVware that manages all aspects of automa1cally running tests on mul1ple Android devices simultaneously. 5. Demo (videos) 6. www.testdroid.com 7. Thank you!