Automation Testing - Automation Testing Includes (Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, Quality Center)

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  • ISTQB Training and Certifications

    Automation Testing

  • Automation Testing Includes (Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, Quality Center)

    Automated Testing Tools (HP)

    Automation Introduction and Importance

     Drawbacks of Manual Testing

     Advantages of Test Automation

    Understanding of Functioning Testing Tool

    Win Runner

     Introduction to Win-Runner

     Testing Process

     Recording Methods

     Introduction to Context Sensitive and Analog Recording

     Recording a Script

     Playback Scripts

     Understanding the GUI map file and the benefits it provides

     Creating the GUI map file

     Types of GUI map file

     Loading and Unloading of the GUI map file

     Maintaining the GUI map file

    Verify the application using Checkpoints

     Implement GUI Checkpoint

     Implement Bitmap Checkpoint

     Implement Database Checkpoint

     Capturing and Verifying text

     Synchronizing Test Execution

     Wait & Synchronization

     Creating User Define Function

     Get Text Function

     Compiled Module

     Recovery Scenario

     Virtual Object Wizard

     Break Points

     Watch List

  • Data Driven Testing

     Data Driven testing concepts

     Parameterization Types

     Dynamic

     Flat File

     Data Driver Wizard

     Running multiple tests in a Batch

     Understanding Test Results

     Reporting Test Results

    Quick Test Professional


    Types of Recording

     Normal

     Analog

     Low Level

     Types of Object Repository

     Merging of Object Repository

    Check Points

     Standard Checkpoint

     Text Checkpoint

     Text Area Checkpoint

     Bitmap Checkpoint

     Database Checkpoint

     Accessibility Checkpoint

     XML Checkpoint (from application)

     XML Checkpoint (from resources)


     Data Table

     Random Number

     Environment Variable

     Action Parameter

  • Output Values

     Standard Output Value

     Text Output Value

     Text Area Output Value

     Database Output Value

     XML Output Value (from application)

     XML Output Value (from resources)

    Recovery Scenario Manager

     Popup

     Object State

     Test Run error

     Application Crash


     Call to new action

     Call to existing action

     Call to copy action

     Call to Win Runner

     Test Batch Runner

    Understanding of Test Management Tool

    Quality Center

     Introduction

     Understanding Site Administration

     Creating users and setting permissions

     Working with Requirement Module

     Working with Test Plan Module

     Working with Test Lab Module

     Filter/Sorting Technique

     Working with Defect Module, Attachment Technique

  • Understanding of Performance Testing Tool

    Load Runner

     Introduction

     Load Runner Testing Process

     Working with Vuser Scripts

     Working with Vuser

     Setting Transactions

     Define Rendezvous Point

     Inserting Rendezvous Point

     Load Runner Controller

     Load Runner Generator

     Generating Load through Vusers

    Load Runner Result Analyzer

     Generating Reports

    Skills Development Workshop

    Communication is something which all of us do from the very first day of our life, yet there

    is a question that haunts us most of the time “Did I express myself correctly in such and

    such situation?” The answer to this question is really tricky, because in some cases we

    leave our signatures and good impression but in some others we even fail to get our idea

    clearly. It happens mostly because we don’t know how to act in certain situations. Every

    time we fail we don’t lose completely, we do learn something, but prior knowledge of the

    same thing could be more beneficial because then we could have turned that failure into


    The course / workshop would focus at many aspects of personality, like:

     Building positive relationships with peers & seniors

     Building self-confidence & Developing clear communication skills

  •  Exploring and working on factors that help or hinder effective interpersonal


     Learning impacts of non-verbal behavior & Dealing with difficult situations and difficult people.

    Workshops Consists of Following Activities:

     Personality Development

     Group Discussions & Debates

     Seminars & Presentations

     Case Studies & Analysis

     Corporate Communication Development

     HR & Interview Skills

     Management Games & Simulations

     Aptitude, Logical & Reasoning Assessments & Development