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2. FromVisionary Beginnings Founded in 1998 Kodak, Xerox, Sr. design engineers Creating Film Kiosks Demonstrate Inventive skills Specialty - Translating Complex Functions to Simple UI Cutting Edge Design a core competence Introduced First Allworx in 2003 Acquired by PAETEC November 2007 Windstream Acquired PAETEC in Dec 2011 More servers than McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys combined has restaurants 23,000+ customers, 350,000+ handsets, 1. 5m users Market leaderin SME IPPBX 3. Award Winning 4. Some of OurCustomers 5. Automotive, Insurance 6. Non-Profit 7. Healthcare 8. Educational, Science 9. Environmental, Energy 10. Banking, Finance 11. Voicemail Exceeding Current & Future Needs Plus Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Business Process Productivity Global Multi-site Integration Routing Management Diverse Voice Services Customized Features Mobility Connectivity Presence Management 12. Top Reasons to Choose Allworx 1. Built forTheFuture SIP Based not gateway based Less complex, lower cost Supports any SIP 2.0 Trunk, Any SIP Handset Migrate to SIP easily from Analog, T1/PRI 1. FocusedonSME Legacy Features for Today IP Benefits for Tomorrow 1. Everythingis built-in Premise based offers greater control System licenses easier to manage Simple, easy-to-understand 13. More Top Reasons 4. Trulythe Lowest Total Cost of Ownership 5. Inventive and Useful Enhancements add value 6. Easy to install Easierto maintain 7. Solves Current problems and then some 14. Product Design Simplicity Uncompromising Power 15. Allworx 6x12 Server 3-10 users Max 12 users and12 system extensions, 2 generic SIP handsets Six copper trunks, two analog extensions SIP Trunks without additional cost One Eight Party conference Bridge * Solid state memory = long-term reliability Inexpensive Optional 5-Year warranty * Licensed option 16. Allworx 6x Server 30 users included single license expansion to 60 SIP Trunks without additional cost Six copper trunks, two analog extensions One Eight Party conference Bridge * Solid state memory = long-term reliability Inexpensive Optional 5-Year warranty * Licensed option 17. 6x and 6x12 Hardware Configuration DoorRelay/Serial Interface USBInterface LAN Port WAN Port 6 FXO Ports 2 FXS Ports Analog Fail Over Port Audio Port Paging/MoH Grounding Power 18. Allworx 48x Server 48 users included 50 userexpansions to maximum of 250 Includes SIPwithout additional cost 2 TI/PRI Circuits built-in* * 60 party Conference Bridge DSP* * Solid State Drive design = increased reliability Optional low cost 5 yearwarranty option Low powerconsumption ** Licensed options 19. 6x12 6X 48X Px Users Up to 12 Up to 60 3060 Up to 250 48100150200 250 0 Auto Attendants 9 9 9 0 Central Office Lines SIP 6 FXO 1 PFT 99 SIP channels 6 FXO, exp. to 24* 1 PFT 99 SIP channels 3 FXO, exp. to 21* 1 PFT 99 SIP channels 6 FXO ports 1 PFT 3 Port Expanders per Analog Phones 2 FXS ports expandable to 8* 2 FXS ports expandable to 8* 5 FXS Ports expandable to 11* 2 FXS Ports 6 Additional w/ 3 Px Voicemail 8 Ports 2 hours per user 8 Ports 2 hours per user 16 ports No less than125 hours Server Based Conference Center* * One 8 seat bridge One 8 seat bridge Four bridges max 30 seats/bridge 60 seats across all bridges None Hard Drive 2 GB Compact Flash 2 GB Compact Flash 8GB solid state drive 2 Gig Compact flash T1/PRI N/A N/A 2 Built-in ** N/A Obligatory Specification Chart * with optional Port Expander ** optional license 20. FunctionalPracticalDesigned to Last 21. 9224 Sophisticated, flexible top-of-the-line phone 24, 3-color Feature Keys (PFKs) 192 64 Backlight Display 7 Context Sensitive Soft keys 11 Fixed Feature Keys Full-Duplex Speakerphone Built-in Headset Jack Integrated Layer 2 Switch Power over Ethernet (PoE) 22. Traditional Console with 96 PFKs Simple plug-and-play configuration with automatic detection Grow to 48, 72, or 96 programmable function keys Powered from the 9224 phone - No Additional power required 23. Backlit display 12, 3-colorProgrammable Feature Keys (PFKs) 7 Interactive Soft Keys 11 Fixed Feature Keys Full-Duplex Speakerphone Built-in Headset Jack Built-in Layer2 Switch PoweroverEthernet (PoE) 9212L The Workhorse 24. Small, but Powerful Four programmable function keys Easy-to-read 192x64 graphical backlit display Full-duplex speakerphone 4-way conferencing Bandwidth options 9204 -10/100 Ethernet Switch 9204G - 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet 9204/9204G 25. Compact size for small workspaces 2 Call Appearance buttons Easy-to-read 128 36 display 10/100 Switch Power over Ethernet (PoE) Full-duplex speakerphone Wall mountable Bright ringing and off hook status indictor Plug-and-play headset connectivity 9202E 7. 4 or higher ForCompact Workspaces 26. Features That Make Allworx Strong 27. SIPConnectivity is Included SIP is Here and Here to Stay Dynamic IP offers Voice and Data on shared circuit Sharing one circuit for Voice and Data lowers cost The most cost effective way to route a phone call Implement today or tomorrow - as your needs evolve 28. Firewall Remote Phones - anywherein the world Local Users Main Office Eve ry Feature exce pt Receiving Page Direct Station Selection Busy Lamp Field CO Line Appearance Call Appearance SIP Trunk Appearance ACD Agent NAT Access Multiple Remote Users behind same firewall No VPN Required No static IP address required for remote phones Firewall 29. Users/Handsets/Extensions 1. Individuals are Users (given a voice mail box) 2. All others are Extensions i.e., kitchen, breakroom 3. Phones are Endpoints 4. Endpoints are Unlimited Allworx phones Generic SIP Soft-phones 6x Capacities: 120 extensions of which 60 are users 48x Capacities 500 extensions of which 250 are users 30. Call Routes Call routes are simply ways that any call or transferred call to a user or extension is handled Call Routes are infinite ly definable per User User may modify, if allowed Call Routes add Po we r and Fle xibility 31. Call Routes Add unlimited destination (s) Add unlimited additional connections Select your final destination Define options when busy on a call 32. Call Routes based on Caller ID Route to specific phones and/or directly to any outside line Call Routes based on extension 33. Presence 7 unique presence settings Change them at will Phone, web message center, iPhone, Android Each has its own greeting 34. Unified Messaging - Standard Voicemail/Email in One Box Review, retrieve and respond to all your messages from Inbox Voicemail SMS text message alerts & escalation 35. My Allworx Manager 36. My Allworx Manager 37. 37 New employees learn quicklyLowertraining costs 38. New Feature Evolution 7.1 o Advanced Multi-site o Automatic Call Distribution o 911 Alert o Announce Only Mailboxes o iAllworx 7.3 o Hot Desking o Visual Message Center o Multisite Park and Page o Flexible Auto Attendant Scheduling o Extension Mode Dialing 7.4 o Simplified Transfer o Handset Network Login Profiles o Downloadable MOH o 911 Direct dial o SNMP & Other Diagnostic tools Customer Driven Feature Planning 39. Advanced Features 40. Advanced Multi-site Up to 99 Servers Up to 1000 users Global Directory Global Voicemail Global Call Routes Global Busy Lamp Fields Global Auto Attendants 41. Global Directory, Global voicemail Global Numbering Visibility of handsets at branch locations Transfer Site to Branch Access remote site trunks Shared Automated Attendants Primary Site has visibility of users of all branches Multiple Primary Sites can serve for Disaster Recovery Distributed is better for SMB Advanced Multi-Site across town - oracross the Country Dallas (972) 897-2800New York (212) 863-4000 Rochester, (585) 321-6000 42. Multi-site with MPLS adds extra security 43. Call Assistant PC Based Call Control Call Processing/Power Dialing/Call Logging/Call Recording/Call History In conjunction with Allworx 9224/9212L/9204/9204G/9202E 44. 44 Call Recording When selective permanent call recording preservation is a must when recording shows status, pause and resume Appears in folder where you want - Records directly to folder - not using voicemail port 45. TAPI Contact ManagementOutbound DialingInbound Screen Pops 46. ACD Intelligently Manage Calls into Contact Centers Small and Large 47. Perfect for the Majority of Small Call Centers Upto10CallQueues Up to 16 Callers in Queue 48. Distribution Algorithms 1. Priority Strict ordered list of Agents First agent available on list gets next call. 1. Round Robin Sales Person Mode Evenly distribute same number of calls to each agent. 1. Longest Idle Support Team Mode Evenly distribute by time to each logged in agent. 1. Ring All Legacy Call Queuing Mode 49. Call Queue Statistics provide real-time detailed information Queue Statistics Each Queue Type Provides Different Statistic Metrics 50. Customize Queues on the Fly As Needs Change 51. SupervisorQueue Alarms Alarm PFKs Yellow, then Red queue thresholds Wait Times Too many callers All Agents Logged Out (with Calls in Queue) Service observe w/ Barge-in Unlimited Supervisors Administer via Web View and Reset Queue stats View and Reset Agent stats View logged in Agents Force logouts Monitor for Queue Alarms 52. Conference Center Secure conferencing option ID and Password protection Easy-to-use graphic user interface Full administrative view of users and conferences Centralized scheduling and moderation of calls 6x: one 8-party conference bridge 48x: 4 Managed, Secure Bridges 60 Total Bridge Participants 30 party maximum per bridge 53. Conference Center- Participants 54. Dual Language Support 3 language Choices English French Castilian Spanish Default: Language 1 Option to convert to language (2) 55. Mobile Link 56. Mobile Link Mobility Communications foriPhone and Android Smartphone's iPhone Android 57. Retail/Auto Distribution Automated Attendant by Department Based on time of day/day of week, holiday Park and Page ACD Service Parts Cell Phone Management Multi-site Global Employee Reach Roving Management Global Park/Page/Transfer Employee Directory by Location 58. Legal Call Coverage Billing management Audit codes Two -23 digits, verified or unverified Works with almost any Call Accounting package Call recording Deposition Court summary Conference Center Inbound CID routing Desired and undesired callers route directly to appropriate person 59. Consulting/Professional Services Call Coverage DID Personal Call Handling Automatic Call Distribution Billing Scheduling Inbound and Outbound Message Center Unified Communications CRM Integration Voicemail forward Automated or selective 60. Education Separate Classrooms from User/Admin/Teachers E911 Alert Zone paging Toll Restriction 61. Manufacturing Automated Attendant Call Routing speeds call handling reduces overhead 10 Zones paging Park and page Departmental call coverage Cell Phone mobility Toll Restriction 62. Administration Programming Browser Based GUI - LAN or Wan - no t a client 63. The Complete Solution