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  1. 1. July 24, 2015 SXSW Panel: Biometric Usability
  2. 2. Background Softway was contracted to test and validate the use of biometrics for a non-technical, blue collar workforce We began engaging with eyeLock in the Summer of 2015 as part of on-going research and development to uncover the best biometric solution for our clients needs Today we have spent over 500 hours in testing eyeLock and their competitors products within controlled environments and also in the field directly on Softways intended audience
  3. 3. Panel Overview With Saif Khan, Liz Roswell and Anthony Antolino we plan to provide our audience of technologists and progressive businesses a constructive discussion about biometrics This discussion will cover the pitfalls of user adoption, the struggles a business will encounter and the collective experience to plan for and overcome these challenges
  4. 4. Panel Overview Saif Khan will be representing the IT perspective of bringing this type of device into an existing infrastructure Liz Roswell will be representing the users and how they feel about the biometric adoption Anthony Antolino will be representing a leader in iris identification, eyeLock, and he will bring a vast array of knowledge from the product perspective Our panel moderator is Manuel JJ Jose and he has a diverse knowledge base of technology, user research and client management which will serve as a strong basis for keeping the conversation interesting
  5. 5. An irreplaceable asset at Softway Solutions, Saif has ben the Mobile & Applications Director since 2010 and a valued employee since 2007. He is recognized as a hands-on, proactive professional who can rapidly identify problems, formulate technical solutions and initiate effective change. His background encompasses full life-cycle software development including requirements gathering, user experience and long-term advancements. Saif is an expert in leading-edge technologies and the go-to gadget expert at Softway. Saif Khan Mobile & Applications Director Softway Solutions UX Certified
  6. 6. Anthropologist by training and practice Liz strives to keep our campaigns and software applications grounded and human-centered. She studies cutting-edge technology and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Rice University. Her most recent work was focused on the Japanese television culture specific to interactive television and collaborative journalism. Liz has an extensive academic career including degrees from Rice University, Brown and the University of Chicago. Liz Roswell User Experience Researcher Softway Solutions
  7. 7. JJ hails from the University of North Texas where he received his BFA in Communication Design. Inherent from his education and experience dating back to 2010, JJs contemporary approach to interaction design affords a user-experience that is sure to be visually enticing and produce captivating results. JJ prides himself on being able to take on any parameters the client may have and communicate their respective message through emotional and creative channels to the appropriate target-audience. Spend one brainstorming session with him and its clear JJ is a creative savant with a keen ability to see a product through the eyes of the consumer. Manuel JJ Jose User Experience Director Softway Solutions UX Certified
  8. 8. Anthony Antolino is an acknowledged innovative marketer with over 20 years of diverse strategy, marketing and digital technology innovation expertise. Prior to joining Eyelock, he was Senior Vice President at DMC Worldwide where he was instrumental in successfully developing multiple new high- value businesses and revenue vehicles. He conceived the highly acclaimed Copia social media and content delivery platform which Gartner named 1 of 3 most transformative in 2010, and was recognized as one of 40 under 40 in Consumer Electronics for 2010. Anthony Antolino Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer EyeLock
  9. 9. Testing Various Iris Identification Tools in Different Lighting