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  • 1. THE HYPERGRID IS READY FOR YOUNOWMaria KorolovEditor & Publisher, Hypergrid Business

2. OpenSim is waiting for you Low prices Full control Backups Vivox voice Hypergrid Free content 3. Prices Run on your own servers:free Kitely: pay-as-you-go Commercial hosting: $10 to$90 a month for an SL-styleregion Discounts for multipleregions 4. Full control No outside TOS You own all the content You create and manage alluser accounts You schedule themaintenance and otherdowntime 5. Backups Save entire regions as OAR files Save user inventories as IAR files Save entire grids Easily switch hosting providers Revert to previous versions Share OARs within yourinstitutions, or with the public 6. Vivox voice Same voice as in Second Life Directional, lip synched Private and public channels Free for small grids & non-profits Easy setup -- add codes to .INI file Contact: 7. Hypergrid Teleport from your grid to those ofother institutions Your inventories are protected You can go to meetings, attendbuilding classes, or hunt forfreebies Can be turned off when class is insession to keep kids in, strangersout 8. Free content Free OARs to get your grid started Dozen different regions Landscaped Buildings, freebies, & more 9. Its not either-or You can have a private, behind-the-firewall grid for classes Use Second Life for networking Use Sim-on-a-Stick for privatebuilding Use Kitely regions forcollaborative building, quick publicmeetings 10. Five-step OpenSim quick start Check out Travel the hypergrid with Download New World Studio Get free OARs from Linda Kellie Ask hosting providers for free trial 11. Hosting checklist Easy-to-use webpanel Instant OAR exports, uploads Easy hypergrid switch Local time zone support Free trial, no setup fee 12. Self-hosting options New World Studio, Sim-on-a-Stick, Diva Distro Have regular backups -- critical! Hypergrid access requires portforwarding -- an issue for some "Free as in puppy, not free as inbeer" 13. Active OpenSim gridsNow at 211, with 274,441 total users and 19,159 active monthly users. 14. Whos got a private grid? 15. Types of grids Open grid: Anyone can connect a region to grid, even if the region is running on a home computer Commercial grid: Grid owners are making money Hypergrid-enabled: Grid allows teleports to and from other grids Public grid: Anyone can create a user accountExample: OSGrid is an open, non-profit, hypergrid-enabled public grid. Hyperica is a closed, commercial,hypergrid-enabled private grid. 16. Types of private grids Standalone: Single region Minigrid: Group of regions hosted on a singleserver, typically 4, 9 or 16 regions Full grid: Unlimited number of regions, hosted onany number of servers, with a separate server forgrid administration and assets 17. Fastest, easiest way toget into OpenSim Login with Facebook or Twitter account, or withemail address Use Facebook, Twitter groups to manage accessto your region Quickly upload and download OAR files Vivox voice, mesh, media-on-a-prim,megaregions No hypergrid (yet) -- but its coming 18. This is what each user gets for $0 a month: One free region of up to 100,000prims Up to two and a half hours of useeach month Additional unlimited access to anyregions where the region ownercovers the access costs 19. This is what each usergets for $35 a month: Twenty (20!) regions Unlimited access to the Kitely grid 20. Now with flat-rate pricing $40 a month for a single region $60 a month for a four-regionmegaregion $80 a month for a nine-regionmegaregion $100 a month for a 16-regionmegaregion 21. A-la-carte pricing Each new region: $0.10 a month.Thats ten cents a month. Addional use time: $0.20 per hour. 20cents per hour (billed to nearestminute) 22. Sample use case: Students pay $5 each for up to 25 hoursof use a month, plus two regions to buildon themselves Teacher spends $20 for ten regions, 100hours of use Have different region for each classroom Export OAR files as backups, previousversions of builds, other classrooms 23. Free OpenSim downloadsIn order of ease: 24. Sim-on-a-Stick and New World Studio use cases Each student can have a free, four-region megaregion on their owncomputer With local networking, students canvisit each others worlds A complete world can be distributed tostudents or other teachers, on a USBstick 25. Best grids for educators JokaydiaGrid -- the entire grid is all foreducators! OSGrid -- visit the Educational Cooperative atcampchamp1 and surrounding regions ScienceSim -- visit Fern Seed Info region New World Grid -- visit the BioZone region New Genres Grid -- visit the HyperSim andZerodimension regions VirtYou -- visit DigiSchool 1, NIFLARReception Neuland -- visit Eduversa 26. Best of all -- your OWN grid University of Cincinnati -- vCaltech -- Drexel University -- University of Bolton -- University of Auckland -- Polytechnic University of Madrid-- (the above are all hypergrid addresses of private grids) 27. LinksHypergrid Business -- hypergridbusiness.comHypergrid Destinations -- hyperica.comThese slides -- 28. Contact Info: Maria KorolovEditor & Publisher, Hypergrid Business maria@hypergridbusiness.comwork: 413-323-4356, cell: 413-559-9055