Sublimation Paper For Garment Fabric Printing

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  • Sublimation Paper for Garment Fabric Printing

  • 1) The application scope of fabric graphic:Trade show graphic: high in quality, high digital graphic, your trade show will obtain better display effect.Background, post: high quality printing graphic, delivers rich, bold color, promote the effect of meeting, activity, or show.Outdoor banner: different kinds shapes of graphic, used for the kinds of flagpole, flying banner and other outdoor banner.Advertising fabric is used for roll up banner, x- banner and other banner stand in terminal store

  • 2) The application scope of solvent based sublimation ink printing.Large format outdoor / indoor advertising, lightbox printing, trade show promotional advertising, terminal store promotional advertising such as Roll upsX banner used and so on.

  • 3) The application scope of water based ink printing.Terminal store promotional advertising such as Pop ups, Roll ups, X banner and so on, also for high resolution terminalprinting advertisement such as lightbox, snap frame , poster stand and so on.

  • 4) The application scope of digital injection clothDigital photo album, charts, banners, hang picture and pictorial art, archaize oil painting, window advertising, billboards, frescoes, the logo,

  • the scaffolding covering cloth, window display pictures, banners and signs, stage background, mobile graphics display, wedding photography, poster advertising, indoor advertising, exhibition engineering and garden, advertising display figure, rendering commercial and civil indoor decoration, etc