Sublimation Fabric And Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper Using Range

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Text of Sublimation Fabric And Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper Using Range

  • Sublimation fabric and dye sublimation transfer printing paper using range

  • The scope of application in fabric image sublimation fabricsOne trade exhibition chart: trade show figure to high quality, High figure, So your trade show will get better results.

  • Two background, post: to be high-quality print graphics, provide rich, bold colors, promote meetings, influence events, or show.Three outdoor banners: different shapes to graphics, and other types of flagpole for Outdoor Flag banner.Four ad cloth used to roll up the banner, X banner and other banner standing in the terminal shopIn these application areas sublimation fabric graphics color is produced by sublimation transfer paper, so the main way is with dye sublimation transfer printing paper.

  • In the application of sublimation ink printing based solventsLarge format outdoor / indoor advertising, lightbox printing, trade show promotional advertising, terminal store promotional advertising such as Roll ups,X banner used and so on.

  • in The application scope of digital injection cloth.Digital photo album, charts, banners, hang picture and pictorial art, archaize oil painting, window advertising, billboards, frescoes, the logo, the scaffolding covering cloth, window display pictures, banners and signs, stage background, mobile graphics display, wedding photography, poster advertising, indoor advertising, exhibition engineering and garden, advertising display figure, rendering commercial and civil indoor decoration, etc

  • In these examples is not completely introduces the application range of the sublimation paper, this is just a small part of the sublimation paper to know more about the sublimation paper, please and contact us.More info pls

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