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  • 1. tjohnsto@fcusd.orgTyler JohnstoneFolsom Middle SchoolFolsom-Cordova USD

2. STEM in the Classroom 3. Topics for Today What is STEM Project Lead the Way as a model inSacramento County Partnership with Disney Disney Planet Challenge, Summit on SEE CA Space Academy (Discovery Museum) Honeywell Space Educators Tech Ideas for the Classroom CA Need for STEM Education (K-12 research) 4. What is STEM Science Technology Engineering Math Focus on hands-on project 21st century skills $$$$ available, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cost Challenge is what is a STEM class Algebra is math, but is it STEM Connection with higher ed. 5. STEM in the ClassroomProject Lead the WayDesign & ModelingAutomation and RoboticsEnergy and the Environment Magic of Electrons Flight and Space Science of Technology Green ArchitectureNew Courses Ahead:Bio MedicineComputer Science 6. Video- Disney Planet Challenge 7. California Space StationStudent run mission simulations with team workand cooperative skills. The two room simulator isbased on the Challenger Learning Centersfunded through NASA. 35 students are dividedinto 2 teams in the space station and groundcontrol. The simulator uses instant messaging,CCTV and an intercom system forcommunications and data sharing. 8. Missions and RolesMission CommanderCommunications- CCTV & intercomMedical- records BP & pulse of all space station membersScience Lab- Conduct science experimentsRemote Rover- Drive a RC car via IP cameraSpace Arm- Direct a robotic armMedia and Publicity- Photo/Video productionNavigator- Tracks ISS via internetLife Support- Astronaut support and emergency preparednessPilot- Flies space shuttle simulator 9. Student 10. Student 11. In Space (good and bad) (just good)Honeywell- Free Space Camp (Huntsville, AL) 12. Tech Ideas for the Classroom CA Learning Resource Network - Go to Web InfoLink, Browse, Free Web 2.0 Application. There is a list of 300+free student friendly web tools Google Search Stories- No longer available as a creator, butyou can search for intro still Prezi- New PowerPoint Cell Phone Polling- Poll Everywhere animated characters Use your doc camera as a Scantron reader 13. Tech Ideas for the Classroom II Google Apps for Education Link Class Site Student Pages Pinterest- Search Education- I couldnt believe the materialsavailable Checking homework/rubrics on Ipad with Google Forms Link Flipped Assessment with Flubaroo Flipped Classroom with Camtasia Youtube Channel MrJohnstoneFMS Google Tools (Getting Googley) Link Google Drive Google Voice 14. STEM ResearchWithout fundamental knowledge and skills [in mathand science], the majority of students scoring belowthis level [proficient] particularly those below thebasic levellack the foundation for good jobs andfull participation in societyRising Above the Gathering Storm,National Research Council, 2007 15. STEM Research1. How can K-12 schools in California respond to thechallenge of maintaining the states status as anational and international leader in knowledge anddiscovery in the face of growing competition fromother states and nations?2. What policies can state and local leaders implementto support student learning, preparing them forcareers in science and technology? 16. STEM ResearchBased upon information from a longitudinal case study in Florida, there was adirect link between high school STEM course completion and completion of aSTEM degree in college.BA/BS STEM BA/BSHighest HS Course Level Completed n % n % of total BA/BSMathematicsGeneral Consumer Math 451 2.6 15 3.3Pre-algebra 34 3.8 1 2.9Algebra I / Geometry 822 5.6 40 4.9Algebra II 3835 18.6 198 5.2Trigonometry/ Statistics 4315 38.1 440 10.2Pre Calculus 7512 41.2 453 14.6Calculus or Higher 7012 46.7 1131 34.6SciencePhysical Earth Science 250 3.9 18 7.2Intro Chemistry 343 4.5 18 5.2Biology, Ecology 2232 9.7 137 6.1Chemistry I or Physics I 3982 19.6 351 8.8Chemistry I and Physics I 9051 40.3 1693 18.7Chemistry II or Physics II 181 42.6 72 39.8 17. STEM Research1. Determine Actual Needs ($$ and industry cooperation)2. Professional Development and Recruitment of STEM educators3. Curriculum for STEM classes4. Funding for STEM programs5. Include minorities and women Johnstone STEM education 18. Tyler JohnstoneFolsom Middle SchoolFolsom-Cordova USD