Social Media for Insurance: Time to Get Personal

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  • 1. PAGE1 Social Media for Insurance: Time to Get Personal 25 October 2012

2. PAGE2 SPEAKERS : LEON & JULIET 25 October 2012 3. The rise of the internet Competition & Re-intermediation Personalization & Personification The History of Technology & Insurance Retailing PAGE325 October 2012 4. PAGE4 Bringing back the Human Touch - Mascots 25 October 2012 5. Traditional Marketing Progressive Insurance Flo, The Progressive Girl PAGE525 October 2012 6. Case Study: 2006: Launched 2009: Total Media Strategy Compare the Meerkats Alexandr Orlov Russian Aristocratic Meerkat frustrated that people keep going to his website looking for car insurance, not Meerkats Results (Wikipedia) 16th to 4th most visited insurance website in 2010. Overall sales >2x YoY PAGE625 October 2012 7. Videos TV Advertisements Youtube Channel Case Study: PAGE725 October 2012 8. Case Study: PAGE825 October 2012 9. Case Study: PAGE925 October 2012 10. Case Study: PAGE1025 October 2012 11. Case Study: PAGE1125 October 2012 12. Case Study: Book Launch Highest Pre-Order Sales in 2010 More expensive than Tony Blairs Memoirs Rank #2 in Amazon UK in first week of sale 13. Case Study: 25 October 2012 PAGE 13 14. Successful Mascots / Personalities 25 October 2012 PAGE 14 15. PAGE15 Case Studies from USA, UK, Asia 25 October 2012 16. Agent Profiling State Farm Agents 17. Agent Profiling NTUC ULeague 18. Recognition AIA Pledge for L.I.F.E. Campaign 19. Education Great Eastern 21 Days Mobile App 20. Utility Apps Allstate Insurance Mobile Apps 21. Product Recommendation AIA Protection Gap Calculator App PAGE2125 October 2012 22. Product Recommendation Great Eastern Wellness Profiling LITE FB App PAGE2225 October 2012 23. Product Recommendation ING Malaysia Meet Your Future Self FB App PAGE2325 October 2012 24. Corporate Social Responsibility State Farm Insurance Cause an Effect Campaign 25. Aviva India The Great Wall Book Donation Drive Corporate Social Responsibility 26. ING Malaysia Spread the Smile Movement Corporate Social Responsibility PAGE2625 October 2012 27. 17% of respondents in Singapore used social media in their insurance search process. However, the industry has failed to capitalise on use of Social Media. IBM (in a survey conducted in 2010) 28. 5 steps to a holistic Social Media presence for Insurance Listening. Conversing. Building. Engaging. Measuring. PAGE2825 October 2012 29. #1: Listening (inside) PAGE2925 October 2012 30. #1: Listening (inside) Prepare a list of FAQs and standard answers Define a response protocol Define a process for handling crisis PAGE3025 October 2012 31. #1: Listening (outside) Question on Travel Insurance Listening to Buzz, Trends and Sentiments Question on Health Insurance PAGE3125 October 2012 32. #2: Conversing Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social. - Jay Baer 33. #2: Conversing is NOT a one-way broadcast! NO ADVERTISING! 34. #2: Conversing is about creative and interactive communications PAGE3425 October 2012 35. #2: Conversing is about creative and interactive communications 8,564 LIKES & 3,226 SHARES 8,851 LIKES & 48,605 SHARES 36. #3: Building (content) Engaging video content generates strong brand equity State Farm has about 22.5 Million video views and 7,000 subscribers 37. #3: Building (content) Blogs provide educational content and SEO All States Community Blog boasts of about 600 blog posts 38. #3: Building (content) With good photos, Pinterest can be a good traffic driver Petplan engages audiences with attractive photos and copywriting 39. #4: Engaging Holistic Social Media strategy flows down to State Farms agents PAGE3925 October 2012 40. #4: Engaging A pledge campaign by American Family Insurance to emotionally engage users to a movement or a cause. 41. #4: Engaging Brand exercise from Farmers Insurance to tie their Airship to the Social Gaming experience in Farmville, exposing to over 60 million users 42. #4: Engaging A different dimension of engagement #1 26 seconds (BMOR than a statistic) by State Farm 43. #4: Engaging A different dimension of engagement #2 Education Is Insurance by Aviva 44. #5: Measuring 45. #5: Measuring Business Objectives Metrics (online/offline) Measure (customer journey) * Be aware of and consider external factors as well 1 2 3 PAGE4525 October 2012 46. In summary Listen to your Customers & Prospects Converse Creatively & Interactively Build Content & Acquire Users Engage through Emotional Appeal Measure and Derive Actionable Insights PAGE4625 October 2012 47. PAGE47 Questions? 25 October 2012 48. o Buy SoLoMo Thursday Tickets @ 4 for $45.00 o Purchase at Reception. Cash Only. o Tickets are transferable. Bulk Buying Deal PAGE4825 October 2012 49. Arrive Early Next Session PAGE4925 October 2012 7:00 8:00 PM After 8:00 PM 50. DEAL: Dine in @ 10% OFF o 10% off non-promo F&B items on your next visit o Provide your name to redeem offer o Valid for single use, for one month (until next SoLoMo Thursday) 25 October 2012 PAGE50 51. Next SoLoMo Thursday (29 November 2012) Topic: Changing Trends: Consumer Behaviour on Mobile Speaker: Stewart Hunter (VP of Somo Global Limited) PAGE5125 October 2012 52. Questions? Powered by Thank You! PAGE5225 October 2012