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2. Earthquakes

  • Earthquakes are no laughable matter.
  • Earthquakes are shearing our land to make it beautiful at the end but ugly when it first happened. Clickhereto watch an amazing video

3. San Andres Fault 4. Tension

  • The tension of the plates will pull apart and some day cause a earthquake

5. Normal and Strike slip fault

  • A normal fault will someday cause a strike-slip fault.

6. P wavesand S waves

  • P waves can sometimes cause compression.
  • Clickhereto see p waves video
  • S waves come after the p waves and they cause a lot of damage.
  • Clickhereto see s waves video.

7. Footwall and Hanging Wall

  • The footwall is below the hanging wall.

8. Anticlines

  • Anticline makes a plateau arch

9. Stress

  • The land was flat until stress which changes its shape.

10. Reverse Fault

  • This is what you call a divergent boundary.

11. Earthquake

  • Earthquakes cannot be predicted but they can be directly located.

12. Disasters

  • These disasters can destroy many of homes.

13. Resources