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This is presentation on Short URL service developed by KedarLasane.Short URL means they simply works as alternative of long web addresses


<ul><li> 1. A URL SHORTNER </li> <li> 2. Index Introduction History Versions Tools Used Uses Advantages &amp; Disadvantages References </li> <li> 3. Introduction The idea behind URL shortening services is to assist in the easy sharing of URLs by providing a short equivalent one Short URLs have seen a significant increase in their usage Result of their extensive usage in Online Social Networks Understanding the usage of short URLs is important To provide insight into the interests of OSNs or IM systems To know performance, scalability, and reliability of URL shortening services To define the proper architecture for URL shortening services </li> <li> 4. Long URL om/indeed.html URL shortening Service Lasane.In Short URL publishaccess </li> <li> 5. HistoryThis is First invented by in2001 and from the invention 10 croreurls are shortned by this tool.Some Other Short URLs : ow.lyThere are dozons of sites provide someservice you will find on internet </li> <li> 6. Versions1.0In 1st Version we were created each html pageusing file handling in php.The html filecontains only redirect method that redirect it tosource.2.0 newTo remove Certain Disadvantages weimplement the project with database.Thevalue[source url] is stored in db.and when wewrite it it fetches source url. </li> <li> 7. Tools Used All coding is done with PHP MySQL Database HTML5 and CSS3 Design A Firebug Mozilla Firefox </li> <li> 8. Advantages Its totally Free Service. No registration Required. Easy to Customize new url. Up To Second Analytics. Long urls easily converted into short One. The size of new url is only 15 characters. More convenient to type short url </li> <li> 9. Disadvantages Some Shorted Links may be not secure. Source might be content viruses User cant guess original source until it clicks on link. We can create only one url at a time. User need to remember short url . You cant use multimedia file urls in ver 1.0 </li> <li> 10. Most IMP thingWhat we seen uptill is Just One Part OfOur Project.The Aim of Whole Project isto Provide such Tools that increases ourweb life very easy. The whole project contains toolsSuch as qr codes,profile pages, imagehosting, sms sending etc. Yaa Of Course All Tools are Free toUse and OpenSource </li> <li> 11. Free QR codesAnd FreeMuch ImageMore hosting FreeFree CloudBlog hosting Free Profile Pages </li> <li> 12. ReferencesFollowing ref Will surely helps to Create Your ownService.I. </li> <li> 13. AnyQuestions &amp;Suggestions </li> <li> 14. hanks </li> </ul>