SharePoint 2013 Apps: A Comparison to SharePoint 2010 Web Parts

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In this session, I will show two code examples. The first will be of a web part in SharePoint 2010. The next code example will be a SharePoint 2013 provider-hosted app that is implementing the exact same functionality as the SharePoint 2010 web part. This talk will highlight the differences between the two models, and will focus on the how and why of the new SharePoint 2013 app model.


<ul><li> 1. SharePoint 2013 Apps: A Comparison toSharePoint 2010 Web PartsTim McCarthySenior Solutions Architect</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Overview Review of old school web parts The new App model Pros and Cons of Apps vs. old school webparts Summary/Call to Action 3. Overview Why this presentation? Why should I care about Apps? Why is SharePoint/Office 365 important to adeveloper? 4. Demo: Old School Web Part 5. The New App Model Apps are framed in web sites with SharePointtokens injected via querystring Code runs outside of the SharePoint farm Apps can be published to Microsofts publicSharePoint store or hosted in a private store 6. Demo: SharePoint App 7. Apps vs. Old School Web Parts Pros Can still use the full power of SharePoint(lists, document libraries, workflows, eventreceivers, BCS, etc.) No need for network operations team fordeployments Wont bring down the farm since the codedoes not run on the SharePoint server(s) 8. Apps vs. Old School Web Parts Pros If using Office 365, can develop on a "regular"machine instead of a 50GB VM! Can use ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NETMVC, PHP, etc. Remote web site can live anywhere: on-premises, Azure, AWS, etc. 9. Demo: SharePoint App 10. Apps vs. Old School Web Parts Cons Certain parts of object model are restricted(anything targeted at the web applicationlevel) All calls back to SharePoint are remote webservice or WebDAV calls 11. Summary/Call to Action The App model is cool and here to stay, getused to it Why should I care about Apps? Get an Office 365 developer subscription 12. Source Code 13. Thank you for your timeand attention today.Please visit us at</p>