Comparison of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

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I've highlighted some of the many of the areas of change between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, in this deck which was presented at SharePoint Saturday UK 2013, along with demos.


  • 1. Thanks to our Sponsors
  • 2. Comparison of SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013 @ianwoodgate
  • 3. Comparison of SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013 Share Organise Discover Build Manage
  • 4. Agenda SharePoint Editions and Licensing Business Intelligence Mobile Search Sharing Web Content Management Solutions The Tech Stuff Next Steps
  • 5. SharePoint Editions
  • 6. SharePoint Licensing 2010 vs 2013 2010 Internal Users External Users* 2013 Internal Users External Users* Intranet SharePoint Server + CAL N/A Intranet SharePoint Server + CAL N/A Extranet SharePoint Server + CAL Or SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) SharePoint Server + CAL Or SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) Internet Sites SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) Extranet Internet Sites SharePoint Server + CAL SharePoint Server SharePoint Server SharePoint Server Note*: External users means users that are not either your or your affiliates employees, or your or your affiliates onsite contractors or onsite agents
  • 7. Business Intelligence
  • 8. Business Intelligence
  • 9. Business Intelligence 2010 2013 Excel Services Y Improved Visio Services Y Improved PerformancePoint Y Improved PowerPivot Y Improved PowerView (SSRS) Y (Needs SQL2012) Y (Needs SQL2012) PowerView (Excel) N Y Chart Web Part Y N
  • 10. Mobile
  • 11. Mobile
  • 12. Mobile 2010 2013 Site viewing Basic Improved Office web apps N Y Device channels N Y Geolocation field N Y PerformancePoint and Excel Services N Y Browsing speed Slower Faster Apps N Newsfeed, Skydrive Pro PowerView N N (needs SilverLight)
  • 13. Search
  • 14. Search
  • 15. Search 2010 2013 Content preview N Y (needs OWA) Shows number of times a document has been viewed N Y One click to view in library. N Y Query suggestions and N recent personal searches Y Results you've clicked at top N Y Follow people/docs People only Y People search shows recent docs N Y Continuous crawl N Y
  • 16. Sharing
  • 17. Sharing
  • 18. Sharing 2010 2013 Share a site/doc N Y Discussion board Basic Improved Hash tags, mentions N Y Searchable feeds/updates N Y Site newsfeeds N Y Site mailboxes N Y All my tasks N Y Share with external users N SharePoint Online only Drag and drop upload N Y
  • 19. Web Content Management
  • 20. Web Content Management
  • 21. Web Content Management 2010 2013 Toolset SPD, Visual Studio Any via Design Manager Light branding Basic via Themes Improved HTML 5 N Y Friendly URLs N Y Device channels N Y Content by search WP N Y Video Basic Improved Catalogs N Y Search driven (managed) navigation N Y Image renditions N Y Multilingual support Basic Improved Analytics Basic Improved
  • 22. Solutions
  • 23. Solutions
  • 24. Solutions 2010 Workflow 2013 Text based via SPD Text based or visual via Visio. New features InfoPath Forms N Services WCAG 2.0 and AA compliant Y InfoPath Digital Signatures N Y InfoPath code environment Integrated IDE Visual Studio 2012 Access Services Y using SP lists Y using SQL tables
  • 25. I didnt Mention.. eDiscovery and Legal Holds Records and document management improvements Business Connectivity Services improvements Multi-tenancy improvements
  • 26. App store Lots of different flavours New framework for delivering customisations Features and solutions still supported development path
  • 27. The Tech Stuff Back end improvements: performance improved architecture better sql performance Shredded storage reduce your storage costs Minimal Download Strategy Customisations building with the app model Claims authentication
  • 28. Thank You @ianwoodgate