[PUBCON 2013] Post-Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization

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Janet Driscoll Miller's presentation from the Pubcon 2013 session "Post-Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization."

Text of [PUBCON 2013] Post-Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization


2. Keyword and ad should match Ad message and landing page message should match@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 3. @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 4. Reduce the number of choices Make the call to action stand out@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 5. Use a complementary color to the overall page color scheme@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 6. Dont expect visitors to scroll Keep key messages above the fold@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 7. Source: Marketo@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 8. Reduced 9 form fields to only 3 Landing PageConversionLong Checkout0.26%Short Checkout1.04%Increase300%Source: Marketing Experiments @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 9. The shorter the form, the more likely the visitor will fill it out. Gauge how much information you really need. Ex: Phone number do you call them? Gauge the value of the exchange Is this offer really worth all of this information? @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 10. Try to repeat keyword in the headline of the page Use imagery when possible Make copy short, easy to read Concise bullet points are good@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 11. Customer logos Awards/ certifications@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 12. WebsiteSalesforce.com@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 13. Propagating a users profile over time Marketers prioritize the fields to capture@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 14. Inside of the tool Use the Progressive Profiling form feature Outside of the tool Use the API Helpful for website pages, marketing library logins@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 15. @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 16. 42.3% of Respondents Fill Out Additional Information @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 17. Offers what search often lacks High level of demographic targeting Facebook LikesIndustryGenderGenderStatus UpdateTitle and/or FunctionGeographic RegionGeographic RegionSchoolCompany SizeAge @searchmojoLinkedInSeniority Level SEARCH-MOJO.COM 18. Landing page, focused on dog productsAd targeted towards dog lovers User clicks on social adMark person as dog lover 19. @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 20. Marketing automation Third-party tool API@searchmojohttps://developer.linkedin.com/documents/sign-linkedin https://developer.linkedin.com/documents/profile-fieldsSEARCH-MOJO.COM 21. 10% used social login@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 22. Free A|B testing tool now embedded in Google Analytics Only allows for A|B testing@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 23. Always keep the promise! Follow the basic rules of good landing pages Consider using progressive profiling Consider trying social media ABT: Always be testing@searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM 24. Janet Driscoll Miller jmiller@search-mojo.com 800-939-5938 x101 Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller (and +Search Mojo) Twitter: @janetdmiller Facebook: www.facebook.com/SearchMojo @searchmojoSEARCH-MOJO.COM