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Context Clues - Week October 1st

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  • 1. Today you will find the correctwords to finish the sentencebased upon the context clues.Each sentence will have a missing word. It is your job to find the correct word to complete job!Click Here

2. Mr. Hall was unable to _________ Johns sloppy handwriting.tranquildecipheradmonitionreveries 3. Wrong Answer, try again Click here 4. Good Job!!Click here 5. Mr. Halls _________ prevented the student from getting in trouble.tranquil decipher admonitionreveries 6. Wrong answer, try again!Click here 7. Good Job! Click here 8. His _______ are not likely to come true, they are not realistic dreams.tranquilreveriesdecipheradmonition 9. Wrong answer, try againClick here 10. Good job!! Click here 11. She had a private garden with a beautiful view of the lake which was a _________ place she liked to rest.eeriedecipherreveriesadmonitiontranquil 12. Wrong answer, try againClick here 13. Good Job!!!Click here 14. In the video game Zelda, Link uses_______ powers to rescue the princess.eeriesupernaturalcompelledsustenance 15. Wrong answer, try againClick here 16. Good job!! Click here 17. Because we needed some ___________ on our long ride, we packed sandwiches and water bottles. sustenance eerie supernatural compelled 18. Good Job! Click here 19. Try againClick Here 20. He has a strange _______ aroundhim that scares the young children.EerieSupernaturalAuraSustenance 21. Try AgainClick Here 22. Good Job!! Click here 23. The house didnt have electric and the candles gave it an ________ glow that made menervous.AuraSustenanceEerieSupernatural 24. Try Again Click here 25. Good Job Click here 26. Ryan felt ________ to continue playing the video gameeven though his mother had called him for dinner. Compelled Indulgent Idiotic wafted 27. Try Again Click here 28. Good Job! Click here 29. The End!GREAT WORK!!